Business meeting Apr 2016

April 10, 2016

Business Meeting



There were 18 present for the meeting.

Lyle Jones opened in prayer.

Dyan Dunsworth made a motion to accept the minutes as written, Karen Moore made a second.  Passed


Bradley Davis mentioned there was a change on page 4 of the treasurer’s report.  Karen Moore made a motion, and John Stewart made a second, that we accept treasurer’s report.  Passed.




Constitution & Bylaws:  No activity.  John Stewart


Baptism:   No activity.  Bradley Davis


Evangelism & missions:  No report.  Dorothy Dille


Nursery:  Four Sundays, four children, average 1 per Sunday.  Hazel Stewart


Kitchen:  Fellowship dinner on March 20th and the Easter breakfast on March 27th.  Carol Firestone


Floral:  Changed the flowers in the sanctuary and Floy sent four cards.  Carol Firestone


Historian:  No activity.   Carol Firestone


Fellowship:  No activity.  Karen Moore


Telephone:  Three prayer calls.  Dyan Dunsworth


Visitation:  No report


Usher:  No report.  Preston Fahrer


Music:  4 Sundays in March; One special.  Karen Moore



Youth:  No activity.  Gerrit Rockley


Media:  Advertised Easter Sunday events.  Michele Chorpening


Audio:  No report.  Scott Fahrer


Children’s Church:  No report.  Robbin Snyder


Deacons:  Met four Sunday mornings for prayer.  Met three times on Wednesday for prayer.  Had one deacon meeting.  Lyle Jones


Trustees:  Have inquired about costs for flooring; have not heard back yet.  Jim Clary

Sunday School: Current enrollment 71; Average members 31; average visitors 7.  Darron Locke


Awana:          3/2/16    54 kids; 31 adults; 1 parent, total attendance 86

                      3/9/16    62 kids; 31 adults; 1 parent; total attendance 94

                      3/16/16  56 kids; 29 adults; 1 parent; total attendance 86

                      3/23/16  55 kids; 27 adults; 1 parent, total attendance 83

                      3/30/16  37 kids; 28 adults; 0 parents, total attendance 65

                      Average Attendance:  83       Michele Chorpening


Old Business:


Dyan Dunsworth mentioned where Brad put the vouchers to be filled out when purchasing something.


Lyle Jones mentioned that Tim Faber had asked him about purchasing the shack.  Lyle told him we wanted $3,500; Carol corrected him that it was $5,000.  Tim also wanted to know if he could use our bus this summer to go to Colorado.  Jim Clary made a motion to sell him the shack for $5,000 and give him the bus. Passes.  Karen Moore asked about a counter offer;   Much discussion about bottom dollar.  Lyle was going to call Tim back and talk to him about it.


Carol Firestone brought up about the weeds out front.  Talked about having kids help.


Michele Chorpening said she told Melissa that we won’t be a full-fledged pantry but will continue with the mobile pantry.  Wal-Mart foods ends the last Monday in April.


New Business:


Jeff Chorpening with the Nominating Committee reports on new year’s committee chairmans.

      Awana:  Michele Chorpening is not going to be Commander next year

      Budget & Finance:  Bradley Davis

      Baptism:  Bradley Davis

      Telephone:  Dyan Dunsworth

      Youth:  Gerrit & Tangelina Rockley

      Children:  Robbin Snyder

      Nominating:  Jeff Chorpening  & Vickie Locke

      Trustees:  Jim Clary; Lyle Jones, Travis Delp

      Clerk:  Christy Fahrer

      Assistant Clerk:  Dyan Dunsworth

      Evangelism & Missions:  Dorothy Dille

      Visitation:  Scott Fahrer

      Nursery:  Hazel Stewart

      Treasurer:  Bradley Davis; Financial Assistant Carol Firestone & Vickie Locke 2nd

      Music:  Karen Moore

      Sunday School:  Darron Locke;  Alternate teachers are Peggy Bull, Jeff Chorpening & Scott Fahrer

      Custodian:  Shawna Ketcham

      Media:  Need chairman (Secy Dyan Dunsworth; Website John Stewart; Social Media Robbin Snyder)

      Fellowship:  Karen Moore

      Kitchen:  Carol Firestone

      Usher:  Preston Fahrer

      Audio Visual Sound:  Scott Fahrer

      Constitution & Bylaws:  John Stewart

      Historical:  Carol Firestone

      Floral & Decorations:  Carol Firestone


Carol Firestone asked if we could afford a full-time pastor.  Bradley was going to work figures. 


Cheryl Jones made a motion to dismiss; Tangelina Rockley seconded.  Passed


Respectfully Submitted,


Dyan Dunsworth

Assistant Clerk

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