Business Meeting Apr 2017

Business Meeting

April 9, 2017



We sang four hymns and then Pastor James Butterfield opened in prayer.


Karen said there was a correction to the March minutes regarding Fellowship; some went to Cannon’s for Valentine’s Dinner.  Darron Locke made a motion to accept the minutes as altered, Karen made a second.  Passed


Regarding the Treasurer’s report, Karen had a question about the $313. under Music.  Brad said that was to pay the license fees.  Pastor wanted clarification on the $2,199 housing allowance.  This total is not totally for housing allowance.  Hazel Stewart made a motion to accept Treasurer’s Report; Vickie Locke seconded.  Passed


Committee Reports:

Trustees: Nothing to report

Deacons:  We met four times on Sunday morning; we met once for the monthly meeting.

Audio/Visual:  No report.  John Stewart

Baptism:  There were three baptisms in the month of March.   Bradley Davis

Children’s Church:  No report

Constitution and By-Laws:  No activity to report.  John Stewart

Evangelism:  No report

Visitation:  Cheryl is on this committee

Fellowship:  On March 11th we had a movie night scheduled, but it was cancelled as only a couple people showed up.  Karen Moore

Music:  There were four Sundays in March with music each Sunday and one special by Earl Bellamy.

Karen Moore

Kitchen:  There was a fellowship dinner March 19th.  Changed the flowers in front of the church.  Carol Firestone

Historian:  No activity.   Carol Firestone

Nominating:  We had one meeting in March and discussed the nominations for chairpersons for the upcoming year.  We visited with Jennifer Delp about being the chair for the Nursery.  She said she would as long as we helped her understand her duties and help with volunteers for the nursery schedule for Sunday School and Church.  Darron said he was interested in being chair for Ushers.  We still had no one come forward for Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Historian, Media, or Sunday School Director.   Vickie Locke

Sunday School:  End of month enrollment is 44; average visitors 3; average members 18; average attendance 23.  Darron Locke 

Ushers:  Average visitors 7; average members 23; average attendance 41      Darron Locke

Telephone:  There were nine prayer-chain calls in March.   Dyan Dunsworth


Old Business:

Bradley mentioned that internet with Co-Mo Connect would be $50 a month; currently we are paying $180 per year.  Discussion.  Co-Mo would be much faster.  Hazel made a motion to get Co-Mo Connect, Darron made a second.  Passed

Carol asked Lyle if he fixed the pizza warmer oven yet.  He said he was sorry, he hasn’t.

Pastor James said he knew Cindy Cartwright, who is one of the Girl Scout leaders, and asked if we could give her a key.  Karen made a motion to give Cindy a key; Darron seconded.  Passed


New Business:  Lyle Jones made a motion to sell the unused music equipment and said he could sell it for $100; Carol made a second.  Passed

Dyan Dunsworth mentioned her upcoming surgery and rehab time.  She will need someone to type and print the weekly worship bulletins; take minutes and telephone prayer chain duties for a while.

Discussion and help was offered.

Vickie asked if we could suspend voting for chair persons till next business meeting.  Dyan made a motion to wait till May business meeting; Vickie seconded.  Passed

Darron mentioned he is trained in CPR and do we want an AED?  Some discussion; tabled for now.

Karen Moore made a motion to adjourn; all seconded.

Lyle Jones closed in prayer.


Respectfully Submitted,

Dyan Dunsworth


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