Business Meeting Aug 2016

Business Meeting Minutes for August 14th, 2016

There were 19 members present.
Bradley Davis opened in prayer.

Clerk Christy Fahrer called the meeting to order, read bylaw 4.11.1 the absence of a pastor and a chairman of deacon, the clerk calls meeting to order and preside for the election of a moderator pro-term. Mike Fahrer made motion to have John Stewart as moderator, seconded by Karen Moore. voted and passed.

John Stewart mentioned that a correction was needed in minutes on the rent offered was $100 not $150. Karen Moore made motion to accept minutes as written, seconded by Dale Atkinson. Voted and passed.


Bradley Davis discussed a $2000 was donated and we need to decide where we would like put the money. Carol Firestone made the motion to accept the treasurer report, seconded by Robbin Snyder. Voted and passed.

Clerk Christy Fahrer read the two transfer letters, of Don Parr, and Sherri Fahrer. Voted and passed on both of them.


Trustee: the pews were cleaned, started polishing on the concrete floor downstairs, also got permission on the sign for the church from the state. Jim Clary  John Stewart commented that the papers need to be notarized now.

Audio:  No report

Baptism:  Nothing to report. Bradley Davis

Children:  We are going through Jesus Storybook Bible, this takes us through the books of the bible, giving the information in an appropriate way.    
VBS:  We held VBS at the church on Saturday July 16th, & Sunday July 17th, the theme was Cave Quest, we had 13 kids attend, 7 youth helpers & 13 adult helpers, we spent around $500 not including donations; this came under budget.
There were 5 Sundays in July & we had children church 3 of the 5 Sundays. Robbin Synder

Deacon:  Met for 5 Sunday mornings, met 4 times for the month, and had 1 regular meeting. Lyle Jones

Fellowship:  Nothing to report. Karen Moore


Music:  Pray for the music, Bruce Moore had been working on the speakers and monitors for himself and Dale Atkinson. Karen Moore

Evangelism & Missions : No report                                                                

Kitchen:  Fellowship dinner with VBS barbecue on July 18th. Carol Firestone

Floral:  Changed flowers in front of the church, Floy Beard sent 4 cards. Carol Firestone

Historian:  No activity. Carol Firestone

Media:  No report

Nominating:  Dyan Dunsworth said would be the chairperson for the media at the last business meeting. Vickie Locke

Nursery:  There were 5 Sundays, total of 2 kids, average of .5 kids each Sunday. Hazel Stewart.

Sunday School:  For July Average Visitors 2, Average Members 29, Average Attendance 31. Vickie Locke

Usher:  Members 203, Average 51, Visitors 8, Average 2. Preston Fahrer

Visitation:  No report

Youth:  The youth met every Wednesday, we took one youth trip to the movies to see the Ghost Busters, and the youth was also involved in VBS. Gerrit Rockley  

Constitution & Bylaws:  No activity to report. John Stewart

Telephone: 5 calls where made. Dyan Dunsworth

Old Business:
Karen Moore mentioned that we discussed last business meeting about Darron Locke as a deacon and appointing a deacon. Karen read the bylaws, so if or when we get a transitional pastor that we can vote on that.

Carol Firestone asked if we know anything about Awanas yet. Karen Moore said “I had prayed about it, I would help out but don't have peace about taking it over.” We could start whenever we want and or could do certain age groups.

John Stewart said the pancake air compressor still has not been located.

New Business:

Robbin Snyder said Gerrit Rockley had removed a wasp nest off the playgroup equipment, don't know if we need power wash the equipment off every so often to keep the wasps away. Addie had gotten stung on the face, and had swollen up. John Stewart mentioned keeping a can of wasp spray on hand.

Bradley Davis asked where would we like to put the $2000 donation that we received. John Stewart said since we only have a supply pastor we should have money in the funds. Bradley Davis discussed  that we don't have a lot of money in the General Pastor fund, attendance is down but we still have money coming in, but we don't have the money going towards a Pastor. John Stewart said as of now we can't afford a Pastor. Bradley Davis asked everyone to pray about this. John Stewart said the Lord will provide the income.
Karen Moore made the motion to put the money in the Pastor fund, seconded by Hazel Stewart.


Cathy Fahrer asked how will we afford an interim pastor. Bradley Davis said the money for a supply pastor comes out of the General fund. John Stewart said we pay the supply pastor $100 for the mornings and $50 for the evenings. Karen Moore mentioned that she has talked to several people, and they won't come back till we have a pastor. Vickie Locke said we should put the money in for a permanent pastor or if it could for their moving, and if we don't need money for the pastor we could put the money where it is needed. Mike Fahrer said we could use it for the transitional or interim pastor. Hazel Stewart said it could help with the travels. Dale Atkinson asked if it needs to be a specific category. John Stewart said that we have to be careful when messing with designated funds. Voted and passed to put the $2000 in the General Pastor fund.        
Bradley Davis mentioned the telephone and internet service and all utilities are budgeted yearly 10,000.08. AT&T contract ended April 2nd, got a bill in July for $177 it is normally $52 to be in the phone book. AT&T $1265 for phone & Lexar $180  internet and the contract is till May 2017. So if we go with Co-Mo Connect it will be $8760 it will be $710 cheaper and the contract is 12 month term. Its $150  for the fiber line one time fee. Robbin Snyder asked if we switched users will our phone number change, and Bradley Davis said no we will have the same number. Hazel Stewart made the motion to go to Co-Mo Connect for the phones and stay with Lexar for internet till contract is up next year. Voted and passed.

Pam Hutcheson said if we don't open the pizza shack, the city would take over the shack, we are required to sell pizzas, and not do the walking tacos. Last year we broke even. We need a weekend before to clean. Carol Firestone said she will be gone due to her daughter having surgery. John Stewart said someone needed to take over the shack. Dale Atkinson said that he would take it over. Carol Firestone said that we will buy fewer pizzas this time. Vickie Locke made the motion to have Dale Atkinson to take over the shack, seconded by Mike Fahrer. Voted and passed.

Dale Atkinson mentioned that whoever is running the sound board should be there for the music and the Audio is for the computer. Karen Moore asked about Catherine Atkinson membership, need to wait on a pastor.

Karen Moore made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Hazel Stewart. Voted and passed. 
John Stewart closed in prayer.

Clerk, Christy Fahrer      

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