Business Meeting Dec 2015

Business meeting Minutes for December 13, 2015 

There were 17 members present.
Pastor Marc opened in prayer.


Cheryl Jones made the motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Robbin Snyder. Voted and passed. 
Carol Firestone made the motion to accept the treasures report, seconded by Darron Locke. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports: 

Nominating: Pam Hutcheson has decided to retire as treasurer was announced in the opening to the church, Bradley Davis has come forward to fill that position will now have to bring him before the church for vote. Karen Moore


Fellowship: no gatherings to report, Karen Moore  

Music: 4 Sundays in the month of November, & 1 special, Karen Moore

Constitution & Bylaws: no activity to report, John Stewart

Deacon: met on 2 Wednesday mornings, met on 5 Sunday mornings, & 1 Sunday evening, Lyle Jones

Kitchen: fellowship dinner for Thanksgiving, Carol Firestone

Floral & Decorations: decorated the church for Christmas, Floy Beard sent 10 cards, Carol Firestone 

Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone

Sunday School: Enrolled 82, Average Visitors 3, Average Members 47, Total Average Present 50, Darron Locke

Children: had 5 Sundays in November an average of 10 kids per week. We continued our study Fruit of the Spirit, we have ordered 1 new lesson plan for childrens church it is part of the Faith case Series, "Beatitudes", we used about $100 from the allotted budget. Due to a change in the age groups we no longer have the pre-k class, we have all age groups together, we have one adult and one helper for each Sunday Church Service unless there is a special service and everyone stays upstairs. A new Childrens Church schedule has been established, with a rotation of once every two months, we are still in need of at least one volunteer. Robbin Snyder.

Nursery: there were 5 Sundays, total of 4 kids, average of .8 kid each, Hazel Stewart

Telephone: had 7 call, Dyan Dunsworth

Media: no activity to report, Michele Chorpening

Awana: 11/14 Kids 72, Adults 33, Total Attendance 105
11/11 Kids 76, Adults 30, Total Attendance 106 
11/18 Kids 60, Adults 33, Total Attendance 93
11/18 no Awanas, Michele Chorpening 


Audio: no report

Usher: there were 5 Sundays in November, total attendance was 290, total visitors 11, an average of attendance of 58 each week, Joey Knapp

Youth: no report

Evangelism& Missions: no report

Visitation: no report          

Baptism: no report

Old Business:

Pam Hutcheson asked if we hooked up the new printer, and Pastor Marc said we need to unhook the old one. Dyan Dunsworth has called for them to come and pick the up the old printer. Carol Firestone asked if the printer stand came with the old printer, or if it was ours, and Pastor Marc said no it did not come with it, it is ours. 

New Business:

Darron Locke mentioned when he donated the $25 for the children’s activity booklets, he did not know how often we needed to pay for the booklets. Pastor Marc said its every quarter.


Carol Firestone said when she had used the bathroom downstairs, the drain was really slow. 

Carol Firestone donated a compressor and needs help to move it into the shed.

Carol Firestone asked if we were having chicken for dinner, Jim Clary donated $40, Carol Firestone $20, & Pam Hutcheson $20.

Karen Moore mentioned that Bradley Davis came forward for the Treasurer’s position. Karen Moore as of Nominating Committee want  to present Bradley Davis to be voted for the Treasurer’s position. Voted and passed. Carol Firestone is 1st Assistant, and Pam Hutcheson is 2nd Assistant.

Michele Chorpening mentioned that Columbia food pantry had contacted her. Open door is no longer doing their food pantry. So do we want to do a mobile unit, it would be during a week day for 2 to 3 hrs. and when they are done they pack it all back up and leave, no need for any additional work, or we could sign up as a full time food pantry, we would start in an afternoon and start handing items out, and we can keep the left overs, and then find the room and space for the left over food. We can pick and choose what we want them to bring. But we are limited on frig/freezer space and we would have to go to Columbia to pick it up or choose to pick it up from IVY Bend. Karen Moore said it is a lot of work to be a full pantry and need the help for it. Robbin Snyder asked what Open door was doing with all the frig/freezers since they are not doing the pantry. Michele Chorpening said she will check on that. Karen Moore mentioned we could hand out gospel tracks, and Michele Chorpening said that Open door prays with anyone that comes to the pantry. Michele Chorpening said Melissa from the pantry will come by on Thursday to go over more deals. Pastor Marc said we need to pray about the direction we want to go and the day we want to set for the pantry. Karen Moore said we could start with the mobile unit first and then later when we are ready we can become a full pantry. Michele Chorpening said we could start with the mobile unit on Mon 11th, Thurs, or Fri 15. Pastor Marc said which day do we want to do, everyone decided to do Mon 11. 

Annette Knapp mentioned that we need to set a date for VBS, June 13-17 or 20-24. Robbin Snyder mentioned we have memorial day and then Summer School starts around June 6, so we decided to set the date for VBS on June 13-17.

Michele Chorpening mentioned with the couponing she had been doing she had talked to the manager at Gerbes, when we use our Gerbes card and put our non-profit number in, and then that money we could earn for the church, its free money, the card can be used at any Gerbes/Krogers location. Michele Chorpening said if we wanted to she would sign us up, and the money that we made the church will receive a check for it.

Pastor Marc said he would be gone Jan 10th so Darron Locke would fill his spot while he was gone.  

Pastor Marc mentioned the Christmas baskets for anyone that needed one, and if there was anyone else, inform Pastor Marc, Karen Moore, or Jenny Riggs. The items needed to be brought for next week.

John Stewart made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Robbin Snyder.


Karen Moore closed in prayer.      

Christy Fahrer 

  July 2021  
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