Business Meeting Feb 2016

Business Minutes for February 14, 2016

There were 31 members present.
Lyle Jones opened in prayer.

Floy Beard made the motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by June Hackathorn. Voted and passed.

Bradley Davis thanked Carol Firestone for the help training him when Pam Hutcheson was in the hopsital. Switched to the new Quick Books program for the computer. Went over the financial statements, discussed and asked questions. 
Dorothy Dille made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Darron Locke. Voted and passed.

Christy Fahrer, the clerk, read the resignation letters from Pastor Marc Knapp, Annette Knapp and Joey Knapp. Dyan Dunsworth mentioned she already received a transfer of membership request for the Knapps to the Polo Church, and Bruce and Bobbi Miles have applied for membership at West Lake Christian Church. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Nominating: no activity, Karen Moore

Fellowship: no activity, Karen Moore 

Constitution & Bylaws: no activity no report, John Stewart

Baptism: there was 2 for January Darrin Locke & Cameron Stutesman, Bradley Davis

Evangelism & Missions: met and planned the date for the Louisiana Mission trip June 5th-11th, we will need to take bible school materials with us, make and take decorations, and take water. There are 2 people that would donate a total of $300, and that money will be used for the needs of the trip. Dorothy Dille  

Nursery: 5 Sundays, total kids: 5, average: 1 kid each Sunday, Hazel Stewart

Kitchen: Fellowship Dinner January 17th, Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone

Floral & Decorations: changed flowers in the front, & Floy Beard sent 6 cards,  Carol Firestone

Usher: no report

Telephone: 8 calls, Dyan Dunsworth

Visitation: no report

Music: we had 4 weeks of praise & worship, no specials, and our guitar player Chris is moving, Karen Moore 

Youth: no activity, Gerrit Rockley

Media: Jan 13th sent information about Travis Spratt concert to The Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS95, Spirtit FM, KRMS, 93.5, 101.9 The Wave and West Lake Chamber.
Press Release...
Travis Spratt originally from Philadelphia, MO and a member of the Pierce Arrow Theater Cast in Branson, MO will be ministering in music at First Baptist of Lauire, on Sunday, Jan 31 at 6:00. A free-will love offering will be taken.
People may remember Travis from singing with his family at the Spratt Family Theater in Hannibal, MO and at the MainStreet Music Hall in Osage Beach, MO.
Travis' concert will incorporate a variety of different styles of gospel music, from contemporary praise and worship to southern gospel. It's his desire to share the love of Jesus through the gift of music. Everyone is invited!
Jan 14: Sent information about Ham & Bean Dinner to The Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS95, Spirtit FM, KRMS, 93.5, 101.9 The Wave and West Lake Chamber.    
First Baptist Church of Laurie Awana Club is having a homemade all-you-can-eat Ham & Bean fundraiser lunch & dinner onFriday, Jan 29th 4:30-7:00. Preordered lunches will be delivered between 11:00 & 1:00 in the Laurie, Sunrise Beach areas. Tickets cost $7.00 for adults, $4.00 for children 3-12 years and children under 2 years are free. You can buy your dinner tickets at the door. The meal includes ham & beans, cornbread, baked apples, coleslaw & dessert. All the proceeds help to pay for uniforms, books, awards and supplies. There will also be a craft & bake sale. For more information, call the church573-374-7073, Annette 573-374-9179 or Michele 573-216-3919.
We collected a love offering of $501 for Travis Spratt.

Awana: 01/06 Kids 55, Adults 29, Total Attendance 84
0/13 Kids 59, Adults 30, Total Attendance 90
01/20 no Awanas Due to Weather
01/27 Kids 59, Adults 28, Total Attendance 87 

Audio: no report, Scott Fahrer

Children’s Church: We have restarted Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum. This takes us through the books of the bible, giving the information in an age appropriate way. We are short 2 people for the every other month rotation. Robbin Snyder is covering the weeks that are not covered. We had 5 Sundays in January an Average of 10 Kids per week. Robbin Snyder

Deacons: met on 5 Sunday mornings, met for 2 Deacon prayer meetings, met for 1 Deacon meeting for Jan., Jan 17th., Lord Supper Sunday Evening Service. Lyle Jones

Trustee: Hired a new custodian, Shawna Ketcham. Richard Hackathorn resigned as a Trustee, Travis Delp will take his place.  Jim Clary            
Sunday School: 82 enrolled, average visitors 3, average members 42, average attendance 45, Darron Locke

Old Business:

Dorothy Dille discussed the Louisiana mission trip the date is Sunday June 5th-Saturday June 11th. Had talked to Marc Knapp and he was going to discuss with the Polo Church to see if they would like to go with our church on the trip. 
Michele Chorpening said there was around a 100 people for the mobile food pantry. John asked if we were committed for March, and Michele Chorpening said yes we will be courteous to let them know what we want to do. Also we need to decide if we what to do a full soup kitchen or a mobile pantry. Cheryl Jones asked if we have enough help. Michele Chorpening said yes we do. Dyan Dunsworth mentioned about not having enough room for a pantry. Michele Chorpening said that the mobile food pantry is only temporary, we need to decide on the direction. Dorothy Dille said if we are able to use the service, we should keep serving. Michele Chorpening said if we take this on we will need to have more people step up on this. Voted on to continue with it for now.

Carol Firestone said that we had a total of $667 for Lottie Moon.        

New Business:

Lyle Jones said that he asked Preston Fahrer if he would take the head usher position. Preston Fahrer said he would. Jeff Chorpening made the motion to accept Preston Fahrer as Head Usher, seconded by Floy Beard. Voted and passed.

Lyle Jones asked if the church would like to have Shawna Ketcham as the custodian, and everyone agreed.  

Bradley Davis mentioned when there are receipts we need to know what department they go in.

Lyle Jones as the moderator picked Jeff Chorpening and Vicky Locke as co-chair persons of the nominating committee. Jenny Riggs made the motion, and seconded by Dorothy Dille. John Stewart said that we need the other 3 people tonight for the nominating committee. The nominating people are Robbin Snyder, Shawna Ketcham, Scott Fahrer. Voted and passed.

Lyle Jones asked if we want to keep Awanas and decided to keep it going. Robbin Snyder mentioned that for VBS we need someone to step up and take the role of Dirctor, and asked if we want to do a week or a weekend. Hazel Stewart said a weekend VBS. Robbin Snyder said I can't do the week long by myself, but I can do a weekend. It would be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Robbin Snyder made the motion to do a weekend retreat for VBS, seconded by Shawna Ketcham. Dyan Dunsworth gave the order form Annette had completed to Dorothy Dille.

Jeff Chorpening said the children/youth committee needs to decide on camp. Robbin Snyder asked if we have the info, Dyan Dunsworth said camp is July 18th-22nd at Windemere. Gerrit Rockley said being head of youth I wont be able to participate, due to work. Tangelina Rockley said that Windemere had raised there rates. June Hackathorn said go talk to Windemere. Scott Fahrer said we need the leaders too. John Stewart said we need to contact Lamine Baptist Association to see if we could do a different camp. June Hackathorn said that she is leaving the church do to working at Windemere. Cheryl Jones said we should table this till next month. Robbin Snyder said we will table this till next month when we get more information.

Jenny Riggs asked if we still want to have WMU/Shoeboxes, we agreed to continue.

Lyle Jones asked if we are continuing the Knolls bingo, John Stewart said we are committed to help on the 23rd. Bradley Davis will be in charge.
Lyle Jones said our Church helps with O rd clean up, Scott Fahrer if we are not stepping up and doing what we are apart of, or we need to eliminate some of these things. John Stewart made the motion to discontinue the O rd clean up, Jeff Chorpening seconded it. Voted and passed.

Lyle Jones asked if we were doing a garage sale once or twice, Vicky Locke said once, in a month and let her know if you have items, have a small storage unit.

Darron Locke discussed Sunday school teachers and or others that are interested in Faith evangelism training to go witness and evangelize. With everything going on, do we want to wait till after summer. There are 4 or 5 people that have signed up already. It's a commitment  for 2 weeks then coach and mentor others. Dyan Dunsworth we did that before went by 2's to peoples homes and was more of us then when we did that. Robbin Snyder said we should wait for a while. Lyle Jones asked if we want to hold off for a while, and everyone agreed.

Jeff Chorpening made the motion to vote Travis Delp as the third Trustee. voted and passed.

Lyle Jones mentioned the pulpit search committee. Hazel Stewart nominates Darron Locke, Jenny Riggs, Dyan Dunsworth, & Gerrit Rockley. Dyan Dunsworth nominates  Hazel Stewart, and Darron Locke nominates Scott Fahrer. John Stewart said the bylaws there needs to be at least five, I recommend 5, its about all you want because it becomes hard to meet together when there’s is a lot more people. Jeff Chorpening said if all 6 are led to do this service, we should let them. Dorothy Dille made the motion for all 6 that was nominated, seconded by Jim Clary.

Robbin Snyder mentioned with the Pre K-6th grade together and being short handed, do we want to have the kids being part of church service or do something once a month downstairs. Jeff Chorpening said that he likes the idea of doing something once a month and being in church 3 times a month. Tangelina Rockley said like other families when they come to church, they like that there is children's church for the kids, Darron likes the kids upstairs. Robbin Snyder said we need to make a decision what we want to do, don't want to eliminate children's church at all, just need to know what we want to do. We will have children's church, but when we are short handed we will have the kids stay upstairs for church service.

Floy Beard wanted to thank Dyan Dunsworth for inviting other churches for the singer Travis Spratt, because we didn't have many church members there.

Lyle Jones mentioned if we want to keep the bus for our functions. Gerrit mentioned we lost the Knapp kids, but that does not mean that we won't need it. Jim Clary will check on the Insurance for the bus and what it costs. 

Carol Firestone said we have a for sale sign on the shack but we need to announce it, so we can get it sold. Marc Knapp showed it to Bob a while back, he makes chicago dogs, but some of the other shacks make the chicago dogs as well.

Karen Moore made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Shawna Ketcham.

We all laid hands on the 6 pulpit committee people for prayer.            

Christy Fahrer

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