Business Meeting July 2016

Business Minutes for July 10th, 2016

There were 20 members present.

Lyle Jones opened in prayer.

Karen Moore made the motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Dyan Dunsworth. Voted and passed.

Karen Moore made the motion to accept special business minutes, seconded by Cheryl Jones. Voted and passed.  

Carol Firestone made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Karen Moore. Voted and passed.



Nominating: needing a volunteer for Media. Vickie Locke  

Audio: no report

Baptism: no report

Telephone: 6 calls, Dyan Dunsworth

Floral & Decorations: changed flowers in the front of church, sent flowers to Mary Thistle’s funeral on June 21st. Floy Beard sent 7 cards. Carol Firestone 

Kitchen: June 19th fellowship dinner, June 21st funeral lunch for Mary Thistle. Carol Firestone  

Historian: caught up the album through 2015.  Carol Firestone

Media: June 2: Sent information about the Mobile Food Pantry to West Side Star, Lake Today, Leader Statesman, Lake Sun Leader, Bott Radio, KS95, Spirit FM, KRMS, 93.5, 101.9 The Wave and West Lake Chamber. Michele Chorpening

Awana: June 2016 NO AWANA, Michele Chorpening

Visitation: no report

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays a total of 2 kids, average of .5 kids each Sunday. Hazel Stewart

Sunday School: Visitors 15, average 4, Members 98, average 25, Total 113, average 28. Darron Locke  

Usher: total members 176, average 45, visitors 7, average 3. Preston Fahrer

Youth: June 8th Ice Cream Social 2 adults, 6 youth, June 15th 2 adults 4 youth, June 22nd 2 adults, 4 youth, June 29th 2 adults, 3 youth. Gerrit & Tangelina Rockley

Trustee: there are 2 companies who could clean the pews. Jim Clary

Deacons: met for 4 Sunday mornings, met for 4 regular meetings, met for 1 monthly meeting. Lyle Jones 

Fellowship: 4 members went to Springfield to go to see a Beth Moore Conference, spent the night and had a great time. Karen Moore

Music: we have a new guitarist, and have played all month of June. Karen Moore

Constitution & Bylaws: there was no activity to report. John Stewart

Old Business:

Lyle Jones asked about the church sign, by hwy 5. John mentioned that the state said we can have a 8x8 directional sign, no yearly fee. We need to provide a sign design so that they can approve it from state.

Lyle Jones asked about floor colors. Jim Clary said his son will be here with floor color samples to pick from. Jim Clary said August 1st or the 8th we need enough help to move and prepare to have the floors done.

John Stewart asked about the position of Awanas. Karen said she talked to the Lamine Association about the program Orange and the difference from Awanas. Michele Chorpening said who ever does this needs to keep on top of the records. Much discussion, on concerns and conflicts. Jenny Riggs made a motion to continue with Awanas, seconded by Cheryl Jones. Voted and passed      

Jim Clary’s son brought forth floor colors, everyone took a look. Mike Fahrer made a motion on floor color sand, seconded by Vickie Locke. Voted and passed. Jim Clary discussed the floor maintenance, mild soap and water, no bleach, maybe in 5 yrs can do a stain guard, cost about 25c a sq ft. you won't see the wear and tear on it, if we get a stain on just give Jim Clary a call. 

Mike Fahrer asked about the Lamine Association. Lyle Jones said Russ Slocum from the association came and spoke with the church on June 26th. Karen Moore talked to Russ about camp and he helped her get scholarship for 2 girls. Lyle Jones said the association had to make adjustments.


New Business:

Jim Clary mentioned the 2 companies to come clean the pews. The company Clean Water said they would charge $1545, Swift would charge $350. Karen Moore made motion to to have Swift come and clean the pews, seconded by Dyan Dunsworth. John Stewart mentioned that Bradley Davis would say where would the money come from. Karen Moore said the money would come from the carpet fund. Jim Clary said $6800 for floors and trim, there is $7624.90 in the carpet fund now. Voted and passed for the money to be taken out of the carpet fund. The pews will be cleaned on July 18th.

John Stewart said George Fields had given a pancake air compressor, and believes it is missing. Carol Firestone said it may have been moved to the shed. John Stewart said we looked but didn't see it, let me know if anyone knows anything about it. 

Darron Locke asked if we are going to have an evening church service, since we have VBS on Sunday, if so he would like to know so he can be prepared. Cheryl Jones made a motion to cancel service, seconded it by Carol Firestone. Voted and passed. 3 opposed to cancel Sunday evening service.

Karen Moore made a motion about Darron Locke as a Deacon. John Stewart said we should have done that in May. Karen Moore said with no pastor it would help the other 2 Deacons. John asked Darron Locke if he's ordained, and Darron Locke said yes he is. John read the bylaws on the deacons. We need to have a pastor first before we can do that. Karen said she withdraws her motion, since we have no pastor at this time.  

Karen Moore said with the music ministry we need new equipment and sound system. So should we do a fund raiser or do donations to raise the money. We could use the Audio and visual account, we need 2 monitors, speakers. It was less than $1000. Karen Moore will have information on this next business meeting.

John Stewart made a motion on Dale Atkinson membership by letter, seconded by Karen Moore. Voted and passed.


John Stewart made the motion for Katherine Atkinson membership upon baptism, seconded by Dyan Dunsworth. Voted and passed.    

John Stewart brought forth an individual that will pay $150 to rent the shack for the car show, our contract says that other then the hillbilly fair its on a rotation basis. Lyle Jones asks about the insurance and liability issues. Carol Firestone made a motion to deny his request, seconded it by Hazel Stewart. John Stewart told the guy it is for sale $5000, and got the information on it. Voted and passed to not rent the shack.

Vickie Locke with the nominating committee said we have no one for the media, what about the secretary, Dyan Dunsworth, or Karen Moore, or someone that would be in charge of the event could do it. Dyan Dunsworth said she would do the media.

Bruce Moore made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Dale Atkinson. Voted and passed.

John Stewart closed in prayer. 

Clerk, Christy Fahrer

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