Business Meeting July 2018

Business Meeting

July 8, 2018

There were 10 present plus Pastor James. We broke into two groups for prayer.

Dyan Dunsworth made a motion to accept the minutes; Lyle Jones seconded. Passed.

Dyan Dunsworth made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Cheryl Jones second. Passed.

Old Business:

Dyan is looking for quotes from other insurance companies to insure the building and grounds.

Pastor James said the letter for members who no longer attend is ready; just needs a personal note from him and then mailed.

Committee Reports:

Trustees:  Cleaned up downed tree.  Thank you John Mead and John Stewart. Mowed lawn three times. Hazel Stewart added pastor’s name to the marquee.  Lyle Jones

Deacons:  Met with Pastor on four Sunday mornings.  Helped one person with gas and paid bills for a church member.  Lyle Jones.

Audio Visual:  No activity to report.  John Stewart

Fellowship:  No one to report.

Music:  No one to report.

Kitchen:  Fellowship dinner (BBQ) on the 23rd to wind down VBS. Carol Firestone

Historian:  No activity to report.  Carol Firestone

Floral:  Changed flowers in front of church.  Carol Firestone

Telephone:  Four calls.  Dyan Dunsworth

Constitution & By-Laws:  No activity to report.  John Stewart

Evangelism:  No one to report.

Visitation:  No one to report

Ushers:  Four Sundays, 118 total in attendance with an average of 30 per week.  Four visitors with an average of one.  John Mead

Baptism:  No activity.  Bradley Davis

Children’s ministry:  No one to report.

Nominating:  No one to report.

Sunday school:  No one to report.

 New Business:

John Stewart agreed to clear Dyan’s old hard drive and pastor will use the old monitor in his office.

It was agreed that we should continue to support the Ministerial Alliance with our 6-week rotation at the nursing home for music and preaching.

Much discussion on how ROSE ministry and fellowship committee should report.

We will discuss a building and grounds committee at the next business meeting.

Lyle Jones made a motion to adjourn.  John Mead seconded.  Passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Jenny Riggs


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