Business Meeting Jun 2016

There were 19 members present.

Lyle Jones opened in prayer.

Karen Moore made the motion to accept the business minutes as written. Voted and passed. Karen Moore made the motion to accept treasurer’s report, seconded by Mike Fahrer, voted and passed.


Nominating: no report, Jeff Chorpening

Audio: no report, Scott Fahrer

Awana: no report, Michele Chorpening

Baptism: no report, Bradley Davis

Children: we will be wrapping up the Beatitudes lesson in a few weeks, and will go back to Jesus story bible. A huge thank you to my leaders, and having the children upstairs once a month seems to be working.  

VBS: Sat. July 16th 9 am - 2 pm, Sun. July 17th 9 am - ?
We have the groups broken down K1, 2-3, 4-5-6
I would like one adult leader per grade with our 7-12th grade as helpers. We will have lunch on both days, we do have some supplies in the pantry and will have a sign up sheet for the other items needed.  
The theme is Cave Quest: following Jesus the light of the world.
Signs have been hung up around Laurie. Robbin Snyder

Constitution & Bylaws: there was no activity, John Stewart 

Deacon: met for 5 Sunday mornings, met 4 times for deacons meeting, met 1 time for monthly meeting, and 2 hospital visits. Lyle Jones

Evangelism & Missions: no report, Dorothy Dille

Fellowship: May 22nd was Karen Moore's Gospel Show with 32 people attending and several people form Lakeview Baptist were there. Karen Moore

Music: 5 Sundays with worship, and no specials. Karen Moore


Kitchen: fellowship dinner May 15th, Carol Firestone



Floral & Decorations: changed flowers in the front of church. Floy Beard sent 6 cards. Carol Firestone  
Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone

Media: no report

Nominating: no report

Nursery: there were 5 Sundays: Total of 4 kids, Average of 1.25 kids each Sunday, Hazel Stewart

Sunday School: Enrollment for May=70, Average Visitors=3, Average Members=30, Average Attendance=33, Darron Locke

Telephone: 3 calls,Dyan  Dunsworth

Usher: no report

Youth: no report

Visitation: no report

Trustee: no report

Old Business:

John Stewart mentioned that Jim Clary said he talked to the owner of the corner of hwy. 5  and Fairground Dr. The owner said it was fine for the sign to be there. He called the state and put it on hold for 30 days, the wait time is about up at this point. We can have a 4x8 instead of 8x8, so we are just waiting on the state at this time.

Carol Firestone asked about the O Rd clean up. John Stewart said he has not contacted MoDot yet. Dyan Dunsworth will contact them to say we are not doing the clean up anymore.

Jim Clary discussed the information on carpet and the polished floors for the basement. The rolled carpet is $4700, 2x2 carpet squares $7600, the polished floors $6000, it covers all the downstairs up to the classrooms & bathrooms. John Stewart mentioned the carpet we have downstairs has lasted about 24 yrs.
Carol Firestone said in designated funds there is the money from the the garage sale. Lyle Jones said the money from the bus and golf cart that we sold which was a total of $5200 can go towards the floors. Mike Fahrer asked how long will it take to get the floors done, and Jim Clary said about a week, and we could do it between now and August. 
Dyan Dunsworth mentioned that in the last business minutes we asked what was the amount we were willing to accept for the and agreed to sell the golf cart. John Stewart said that Carol


Firestone asked that the garage sale money go towards the floors. A total in the floor account is $7624. Jim Clary said he was going to ask Lowes if they would donate any materials such as doors/trim. Carol Firestone said we have a tax exempt form for Lowes. Dyan Dunsworth made the motion to accept to put the money from the bus $1400 and golf cart $3800 in the floor fund. Karen Moore seconded it. Voted and passed.

Karen Moore make a motion to accept the polishing of the floors. Dyan Dunsworth seconded it. Voted and passed. Jim Clary said the total covers floors and the mats for the Kitchen.

John Stewart mentioned if we are going to do Awanas in September, we need to have a commander and they need to start training before we start. We need to know by next business meeting. Scott Fahrer said we need volunteers and if anyone wants to help with Awanas.

New Business:

Carol Firestone said Bradley Davis asked if we want to pay $100 for the Chamber of Commerce. Mike Fahrer asked if any of the other churches belong to it. Dyan Dunsworth said she thought so. Mike Fahrer also asked if there is any advantage to having it or not. Several said no, it gives the events going on in town. Voted and passed to not do the Chamber of Commerce.

Floy Beard mentioned the Lamine Baptist Association and if we are still wanting to be a part of it. We are paying the Dues and not getting anything out of it. Dyan Dunsworth said they have not been easy to work with on the pastor search committee. Scott Fahrer said that Timothy Faber  could be an interim pastor said that he could only do 3 months if we needed him to. John Stewart said we don’t have a DOM, we have committees in the association.


Hazel Stewart said the Lord has brought this interim pastor Bill Johnson. This Wednesday at 6:45 pm is a special meeting to vote on the interim pastor, it will be about 15 mins or so before church at 7:00. Hazel Stewart said you have to be here to vote.

Karen Moore said maybe we should go to the Lamine Baptist Association meetings so we know what’s going on. We pay $125 for camp and Miller pays $85. Mike Fahrer said what does the $225 dues go towards. John Stewart said 3% of what we bring in on the tithes. Each month it varies, last month it was a total of $175.89. Mike Fahrer will call Julie with the Lamine Baptist Association. John Stewart mentioned, see if we could have someone from the association to come to the church and talk to us. Karen Moore said we need to know if we want to be apart of this association or with another one so we know where we can put our tithes.

John Stewart has been approached about changing the time of prayer service on Wednesdays. Karen Moore made a motion to change the time to 6pm instead of 7pm, seconded by Cheryl Jones. Voted and passed, 2 opposed.

John Stewart said July 1st would be when the interim pastor would start, if he passes when they vote.



Scott Fahrer said we need new speakers. Karen Moore said we need new monitors/sound system. Carol Firestone said maybe we start a new fund for that and get donations.

Cheryl Jones said we need to know about shack. John Stewart said we had a guy, but the guy talked to city hall and found out all the restrictions and so he backed out of the deal. Carol Firestone said I am not in charge anymore of setting up shack, but could help if needed. 

Karen made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Cheryl Jones.                          
Scott closed in prayer.

Christy Fahrer

  July 2021  
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