Business Meeting June 2018

Business Meeting

June 10, 2018


There were 14 present plus Pastor James. We broke into three groups for prayer.

Darron Locke made a motion to accept the minutes; Floy Beard seconded. Passed. Dyan Dunsworth made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; John Mead made a second. Passed.

New budget was approved.

Old Business:


Committee Reports:

Trustees: Got mower fixed and oil changed. Mowed lawn. Got bid on building and grounds insurance. Lyle Jones

Deacons: April and May: Met with Pastor on nine Sunday mornings. Had communion in April. Helped with a light bill, purchased gas, helped with motel for one night. Lyle Jones.

Audio Visual: No activity to report for April or May. John Stewart

Fellowship: Had fish fry after church in April. Had Mother’s Day brunch in May. Karen Moore

Music: Four Sundays in May. Karen Moore

Kitchen: April: Had fish fry for fellowship dinner on the 22nd. Many thanks to Dennis and Liz for the fish. May: fellowship dinner on the 20th. Carol Firestone

Historian: No activity to report for April or May. Carol Firestone

Floral: Changed flowers in front of church in both April and May. Carol Firestone

Telephone: Six calls. Dyan Dunsworth

Constitution & By-Laws: No activity to report for April or May. John Stewart

Evangelism: No activity to report for April or May. Dorothy Dille

Visitation: No activity to report for April or May. Dorothy Dille

Ushers: April: four Sundays, 107 total in attendance with an average of 27 per week. 11 visitors with an average of 3. May: four Sundays, 123 total in attendance with an average of 31 per week. 10 visitors for an average of 3 per week. John Mead

Baptism: No activity. Bradley Davis

Children’s ministry: taking off the months of June and July. Dorothy Dille

Nominating: No activity for April or May. Vickie Locke

Sunday school: Enrollment is 33. Average attendance is 16; average members is 14; average visitor is 1. Darron Locke

New Business:

Lyle Jones stated that the insurance for the building and grounds is going up an additional $500 per year. Dyan Dunsworth volunteered to get quotes from other insurance companies.

Lyle Jones stated that we will start getting charged for a reserved line of credit. Lyle Jones made a motion to close the account. Marie Mead seconded. Passed.

Karen Moore made a motion that we discontinue our support of the Ragans – since they are retired – and add the Brendles to our missionary support group. Marie Mead seconded. Passed.

Marie Mead made a motion to request the monies for four individual tickets to the Beth Moore conference from the Lamine Association. Karen Moore seconded. Passed. Lyle Jones offered to pay $120 for the hotel room for those ladies that plan to attend.

The trustees will put pastor’s name on the sign out front.

Dyan Dunsworth made a motion to send $25 to the Our Daily Bread Ministries. Dorothy Dille seconded. Passed. John Mead offered to pay $20 of the $25.

Pastor James reiterated the need to establish a building and grounds committee.

The van fund has a little over $7,000. Pastor would like to see us move forward with this. Pastor also mentioned getting a senior ministry going.

Lyle Jones made a motion to adjourn. Jenny Riggs seconded. Passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Jenny Riggs

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