Business Meeting Mar 2016

Business Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2016

There were 22 members present for the meeting.

Lyle Jones opened in prayer.

Cheryl Jones made the motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Darron Locke. Voted and passed.

Carol Firestone made motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Karen Moore. Voted and passed.

Karen Moore made the motion to move the $100 to office supply for the toner, seconded by Dyan Dunsworth. Voted and passed. Bradley Davis will do further checking on the negative balances. Much discussion on the treasurer’s report.


Nominating: we met as a group on Thursday Feb. 26th, all members discussed each position that we need to nominate. We all decided to pray about every chair to ensure that the right person is serving in the correct position, we will meet again before the next business meeting. Our committee consists of : Jeff Chorpening, Vickie Locke, Scott Fahrer, Shawna Ketcham, & Robbin Snyder. Jeff Chorpening        

Fellowship: no activity for the month, Karen Moore

Constitution & Bylaws: no activity to report, John Stewart

Baptism: no activity, Bradley Davis

Evangelism & Missions:

no report, Dororthy Dille

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, total 4 kids, average 1 a week, Hazel Stewart 

Kitchen: fellowship dinner Feb. 21st, Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone

Floral & Decorations: changed flowers in the front of church, Floy Beard sent 6 cards.

Usher: 2 Sundays recorded, a total of 131 people with an average of 65 a week, Preston Fahrer

Telephone: total of 6 calls were made, Dyan Dunsworth

Visitation: no report

Music: 4 Sundays Praise & Worship, Karen Moore

Youth: no report, Gerrit Rockley 


February 3: Sent information about the Mobile Food Pantry to Bott Radio, KS95, Spirit FM, KRMS, 93.5, 
101.9 The Wave &    West Lake Chamber.  
February 14:  Called KS95 and Sprit FM to announce morning services are canceled due to inclement weather.  Awana: 2/03 KIDS 48, ADULTS 31, PARENTS 3, TOTAL ATTENDANCE 82
AVERAGE ATTENDANCE 83, Michele Chorpening

Audio: no report, Scott Fahrer

Children: We are going through Jesus Storybook Bible. This takes us through the books of the bible, giving the information in an age appropriate way. It has been decided by the church that the weeks we are short a leader for Children’s Church or have a special guest speaker & holiday services the kids will stay upstairs. Robbin Snyder has gathered & printed off different note taking pages for the children to utilize to help them focus during the service. It is the church's hope that by doing this the children will learn to grow as a part of the church body. There were 4 Sundays in Feb. & we had Children's Church 2 of the 4 Sundays. Robbin Snyder

VBS: It has been decided by the church that we will have a weekend VBS program this year. Robbin Snyder, Jenny Riggs, and Christy Fahrer will coordinate the VBS weekend. They will gather dates; curriculum, games/crafts & volunteers for VBS. We hope to have an outline for the next business meeting to present to the church.  


Deacon: Met 4 Sunday mornings, met 3 Wednesday mornings, met for 1 business meeting, met for 1 monthly meeting, Lyle Jones

Trustee: replaced a toilet paper holder, changed light bulbs, & changed batteries in clocks, Jim Clary

Sunday School: Members 76, Average Visitors 2, Average Members 34, Average Attendance 41, Darron Locke

Old Business:
Lyle Jones said it will cost $700 for the new sign for the church that is located by the car wash, Jeff Chorpening said we have a verbal ok to have our sign there, but will check and see again from the owner. Marc Knapp handed Jeff Chorpening a folder full of paper for the sign information. Jeff Chorpening said he would like to hand over the folder to someone else that would like to go over it. Scott Fahrer said we need a handwritten agreement from the owner on the sign. 

Jim Clary said we need to replace the old carpet, upstairs & downstairs, downstairs needs done first. Carol Firestone said we have $1,400 for the carpet in the savings account. Jim Clary mentioned we could pull up the carpet downstairs and polish the concrete floor, then put a sealer on it and you won't slip on it. Jim Clary said we can get a bid on both.

New Business:
Bradley Davis said whoever turns in a receipt,  needs to put what committee and stapled to a voucher and put on Dyan's desk. Also need authorization to buy anything. Lyle Jones mentioned that we need to remove Marc Knapp from the Porters Account.
Jim Clary mentioned that we need more active people for the Trustee to help me out, and help fill in.  

Bradley Davis asked if want to close or do we want to keep the saving account, it would make it easier on accounting to only have one bank account, we make $2.20 interest a month on $39,000 deposit. Jeff Chorpening made the motion to close the saving account and just have a general account, seconded by Karen Moore. Voted and passed.

Bradley Davis discussed Marc Knapp’s medical reimbursement. It currently is $1197.60 and paid $261.00 (bill for service 9/15 billed 2/16) leaving balance of $936.60  (which was incurred prior to his leaving). Karen Moore made the motion to reimburse Marc Knapp on the medical, seconded by Dyan Dunsworth. Voted and passed. 

Bradley Davis recommended that the budget and finance committee send a letter to Marc Knapp stating they have until 4/1/16 to submit any outstanding bills for medical during his time of employment. Then after 4/1/16 during next business meeting the church will need to vote on what to do with remainder in that account, or may elect to vote on any way to handle the account. Carol Firestone said Lynn Worm told her the medical was part of salary.

Carol Firestone asked if we could do a work day at the church, pull weeds and clean around the church. Lyle Jones said that Jim Clary was going to do a work day and get the mowers ready and the weed eater, and would like to replace a couple pieces of siding. 

Carol Firestone asked about the fellowship dinner, do we want to do turkey/hams again or get chicken. Bradley Davis said he will smoke 2 turkeys, Michele Chorpening will do a ham.

John Stewart asked if we want to vote on for next Sunday evening service, Travis Spratt will be at Sunrise Beach Church, since everyone came to our church the last time he performed at our church. We do have a supply pastors lined up till May.
Bradley Davis mentioned to John Stewart if we needed someone to take ownership on Sunday evenings, and Karen Moore asked if we need to have a supply pastor on Sunday evenings. 
and Karen Moore said this would  help save on money for the church, we could have music and have Darron Locke or someone to preach. Karen offered to plan something for Sunday nights in April.  Jim Clary makes the motion for a trial run on the Sunday evenings, seconded by Scott Fahrer. Voted and passed.

John Stewart read over minutes back from September on the projectors, the money was voted to come from savings, but it came from general fund. Jeff Chorpening said we have the monitor ready to bring up to the church.          

Dyan Dunsworth asked can a Sunday School regular be considered a member of Sunday School if not a member of Church? Michele Chorpening said they can be listed as members for Sunday School, but not for church.

Carol Firestone mentioned if someone could put costumes or extra things not being used in the front room (behind organ), and put them away in the attic to make room.

Michele Chorpening said that Melissa from the food pantry wants to know if we want to be a full pantry. After May Michele Chorpening won't be the contact person. Karen Moore said we will need someone to take charge. Jeff Chorpening said we won't lose the food from Wal-mart, we will continue it again later. Everyone agreed that we don't have the room for a full pantry. Lyle Jones said will bring this up at the next meeting on who will take charge of the mobile pantry. Vicky Locke mentioned to tell Melissa that we won't be able to be a full pantry. She may not mind us just being a mobile pantry and, if so, we need someone to be in charge.

Jeff Chorpening made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Karen Moore. Voted and passed.

Jeff Chorpening closed in prayer

Christy Fahrer    

  July 2021  
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