Business Meeting May 2016

Business Meeting

May 15, 2016



There were 19 present for business meeting.  Lyle Jones opened in prayer. 


Karen Moore made a motion to accept the minutes as written; Carol Firestone made a second.  Passed. 


Carol Firestone made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Cheryl Jones seconded.  John Stewart had a question on the amount under staff. Brad indicated only Shawna & supply pastors under staff.  Dyan under payroll.


Trustee Report - Jim Clary mentioned that he fixed the leak on the outside faucet. 


Church Clerk Report – Nothing to report


Committee Reports:


Audio – no report


Awana – 4/6   Kids 62; adults 27; parents 0; total attendance 89

               4/13 Kids 65; adults 29; parents 0; total attendance 94

               4/20 Kids 53; adults 28; parents 0; total attendance 81

               4/27 Kids 55; adults 28, parents 0, total attend

Average attendance 75-  Michele Chorpening


Baptism – no activity – Bradley Davis


Children’s Church – no report – Robbin Snyder


Constitution & Bylaws – no activity – John Stewart


Deacons – met four Sunday mornings for prayer; met four Wednesday mornings and one monthly morning meeting – Lyle Jones


Evangelism – no report – Dorothy Dille


Fellowship -  April 3, 2016 had a movie night, watched “War Room”, 12 people attended. April 17th we had a Testimony, Praise & Prayer night.  Had a blessed time.  April 24th the “Gospel Show” was scheduled but Karen was sick so was rescheduled for May 22nd.      Karen Moore


Music – Four Sundays in April and one special sung by Karen.  Karen Moore


Kitchen – Fellowship dinner on April 17th – Carol Firestone


Floral – changed flowers in front of church; Floy Beard sent four cards – Carol Firestone


Historian – no activity – Carol Firestone


Media – food pantry advertised in the Chamber news.  Cancelled the on-going ad in the


Leader Statesman – Michele Chorpening


Nominating – no report – Jeff Chorpening


Nursery – average of one child per Sunday – Hazel Stewart


Sunday School – average of 26, 22 members & 4 visitors – Darron Locke


Telephone – five prayer chain calls – Dyan Dunsworth


Ushers – no report – Preston Fahrer


Old Business:


Jim Clary indicated that the downstairs carpet would be about $6.00 a sq. yard; refinishing concrete floor would be about half.  We would have to pull up old carpet and prepare floor.  Jim is going to double-check on pricing.  Carol Firestone suggested the garage sale money go to the flooring.  We voted on polishing.  Carol mentioned mats would be needed in the kitchen area; Jim agreed and said we would need new base also and that we should paint the walls before pulling up the carpet.


Lyle Jones mentioned that a man stopped by and asked about the bus for sale; Lyle said $1,000.  Karen Moore made a motion to accept no less than $1,000; John Stewart made a second. Passed


Carol Firestone said if we sell the shack before the Hillbilly Fair her neighbor will buy the golf cart for $3,800.  Bradley Davis made a motion to go ahead and sell the golf cart; Carol seconded.  Passed


John Stewart asked about the 5 highway sign.  Lyle Jones mentioned Jeff Chorpening did not check with owner after all and that he gave the folder to Dyan Dunsworth to keep in her file drawer.  Jim Clary was going to check on this.  Discussion.  The new sign will cost approximately $700.; tabled until we get more info.


John Stewart asked if Media chairperson was filled.  Jeff & Vickie Locke were not here to report.


New Business:


John Stewart asked if we still wanted to keep Sunday night services; with a show of hands we want to keep.  Michele Chorpening asked about possibly doing a Bible study.  John said they’re talking about that for Wednesday nights.


Talked about getting a pastor for Sunday nights.  Karen made a motion to hire a pastor for Sunday night and she’ll be back up during the summer.  Jenny seconded. Passed


John asked about paying $37,000 to $47,000 for full time pastor.


Jim brought up to sponsor a hole for the children’s camp golf tournament.  $50. per hole.  Jenny Riggs made a motion to do this; Gerrit Rockley  made a second.  Passed


John Stewart asked if we want to continue Wednesday night prayer meeting during the summer.  Jenny indicated we need prayer.  John said he and Lyle will take turns leading the prayer meeting.  Jenny made a motion to keep Wednesday night prayer meeting; Shawna Ketcham made a second.  Passes


Dyan Dunsworth mentioned the sign for FBC cleanup on O was still there and we need to let the state know we are not going to be doing that anymore. 


Bradley Davis said there is a $100. due for AWANA annual fee, do we want to pay it?  Jenny made a motion to pay it; Cheryl Jones seconded. Passed


Karen Moore made a motion to cancel Sunday night services on May 29th (day before Memorial Day). Jenny Riggs seconded.  Passes


Jenny mentioned WMU giving her $50 for water for upcoming New Orleans mission trip.


Dyan Dunsworth mentioned we have the service at The Knolls June 5th and Darron will be on vacation.  Also, we host bingo on the 7th.


Karen Moore made a motion to adjourn

Carol Firestone made a second.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dyan Dunsworth

Assistant Clerk

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