Business Meeting Nov 2015

Business Minutes for November 8th, 2015

There were 17 members present.
Pastor Marc opened in prayer.
Darron Locke made the motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Pam Hutcheson. Voted and passed. 
Carol Firestone made the motion to accept the treasures report. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Nominating: no activity, Karen Moore
Fellowship: Oct 8th we went to Main Street Music Hall,10 attended, Oct 18th we had a hayride at the Dille's house, Oct 23rd Awana had a Chicken Noodle Dinner, Oct 31st we had a trunk or treat at the church, Karen Moore
Music: 4 Sundays, no specials, we have a new guitarist Chris, we are working hard to have great music, Karen Moore
Deacon: 4 Wednesday meetings, 4 Sunday morning meetings, 1 Deacon meeting on the 1st Sunday after church, & had a Lords Supper, Lyle Jones      
Constitution & Bylaw: no activity to report, John Stewart
Kitchen: Fellowship Dinner on October 18th, Karen Moore
Floral and Decorations - Changed flowers in the front of the church, and Floy sent 4 cards. Carol Firestone
Historian - bringing the book up to date, waiting for VBS photos for 2014 and 2015 from Gerrit Rockley. Carol Firestone
Sunday School: Enrollment 83, Average Visitors 2, Members 45, Total Visitors 9, Members181, Darron Locke
Children: we had 4 Sundays in October for Children's Church, we have been studying "The Fruit of the Spirit" it is a video based lesson plan. On October 31st we had a Trunk or Treat that was held inside the fellowship hall. The volunteers & community loved the fact that we had it inside. They stated that it was nice to be able to see and get out of the weather. We did not have as many kids come through as we had planned but it was a great turn out. Robbin Snyder
Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, Total of 4 kids, Average of 1 kid each Sunday, Hazel Stewart  
Telephone: 1 call was made, Dyan Dunsworth
Media:    Oct 8th advertised the Awana Chicken Noodle Dinner with Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS95, Spirit FM, West Lake Chamber. Please include this in your community events page.
First Baptist Church of Laurie Awana Club is having a homemade all-you-can-eat chicken noodle fundraiser dinner on Friday, 
Oct 23, 4:30-7:00. Tickets cost $7.00 for adults, $4.00 for children 3-12 yrs and children under 2 yrs are free. You can buy your tickets     at the door. The dinner includes chicken noodles, green beans, mashed potatoes, hot roll, dessert & drink. There will also be a craft & bake sale. We will be delivering reordered lunches to businesses in the Laurie and SunriseBeach area. the proceeds will be used to pay for books, uniforms, awards & supplies. For more information or to order your lunch, call the church 374-7073, Annette 374-9294, or Michele 216-3919.  
Oct 21, 2015 Advertised the Trunk or Treat with the Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS95, Spirit FM, West Lake Chamber. Please include this information in next week's community announcements.
First Baptist Church of Laurie is having a Trunk or Treat on Saturday, Oct 31st, 2015 from 5:00-8:00 pm. Come join us for games, popcorn, music and candy! For more information, call the church 374-7073. We are located at 220 Fairgrounds Drive, Laurie. Hope to see you there for lots of fun and candy. 
Oct 27th, 2015 Advertised the Saturday free breakfast and give away with the Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS95, Spirit FM, West Lake Chamber. Please include this information in next week's community announcements.
First Baptist Church of Laurie is having a Give-Away and free breakfast on Saturday, Nov 7th, 2015. There will be clothes, household items and other things to choose from, starting at 8:00 am. We are located at 220 Fairgrounds Drive, Laurie, at the Hillbilly Fair Grounds. For more nformation, contact Jenny at 573-569-8155.  Michele Chorpening  
Awana: 10/07 Kids 58, Adults 32, Parents 1, Total Attendance 91
10/14 Kids 62, Adults 30, Parents 0, Total Attendance 92
10/21 Kids 59, Adults 34, Parents 0, Total Attendance 93
10/28 Kids 63, Adults 32, Parents 0, Total Attendance 95,  Michele Chorpening
Audio: no report, Scott Fahrer
Usher: had 4 Sundays, we had 251 in Total Attendance, 19 Visitors with an Average Attendance of 67.5. Joey Knapp
Youth: no report, Gerrit Rockley
Baptism: there were 4, Marcail Knapp, Chloe Rockley, Wyatt Newman, Bailey Newman. Bradley Davis
Evangelism & Missions: no report, Dorothy & Glenn Dille
Visitation: no report, Mike & Cathy Fahrer        

Old Business:

Pastor Marc mentioned the new copier, it is in the Office. Pam Hutcheson said the cost for the printer was $620, and the ink was $290.
Carol Firestone mentioned the kitchen faucet is leaking the hot water and its leaking under the sink, it probably needs caulking around the sink. Pastor Marc said have Jim Clary take a look at it.
Carol Firestone mentioned if we was planning to have ham or turkey for the Thanksgiving Church Dinner. Pastor Marc  said that Bradley Davis is smoking 2 turkeys for the dinner. Carol Firestone said she will get a list together to see what everyone can bring.
Carol Firestone mentioned the sign up sheet for the items needed for the Senior Center. Pastor Marc said have Dyan Dunsworth put the information in the bulletin. 
Pam Hutcheson asked if Richard Hackathorn is still a Trustee, Jim Clary said yes, and Pastor Marc said he did not resign.          
Pam Hutcheson mentioned that CCLI wanted us to register to who they can get in contact with about the audio. Pastor Marc said have them use the church email or pastors email.
Floy Beard asked if we know what we are doing for Christmas, Pastor Marc said someone called me Saturday about the Carriage Rides through the park, they asked if they could use the parking lot. We could do hot chocolate and coffee. Karen Moore would like to schedule caroling. Pastor Marc asked Christy Fahrer to touch up the Large Christmas Nativity pictures and get them up before Thanksgiving like last year. Pam Hutcheson mentioned if we made arrangements to decorate the shack, Jim Clary said the lights are up, and Pastor Marc said we need to put the nativity on the porch. Pastor Marc asked Pam Hutcheson if everything is off in the shack, and Pam Hutcheson said yes.
Pam Hutcheson said the Budget and Finance committee had a meeting and discussed the budget and accepted the new budget, and with the extra amount we wanted to give Pastor Marc a rise of $3662 a year. Much discussion over budget in different areas.
Karen Moore made a motion to accept the new proposed budget. Voted and passed.
Pam Hutcheson mentioned she is going to resign as Treasurer, will continue until the position is filled. Please pray about it. Pastor Marc asked Karen Moore being the head of the nominating committee to look for people to fill the position and the church needs to be presented with the them, and then they vote on them.  Karen Moore asked if there has to be a time frame, Annette Knapp said we should give a few months, and then bring forth the first of the year and then they can start their training.
Pam Hutcheson said we should thank Carol Firestone for the Refrigerator.
Pastor Marc mentioned the van we are still looking for, we still have the money we have raised for the van from Trivia Night, we will still keep the van an option.
Pastor Marc said we are still wanting to sell the shack, Pam Hutcheson said there wasn't enough vendors this year.    
John Stewart made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Darron Locke.
Shawna Ketcham closed in prayer.

Christy Fahrer


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