Business Meeting Oct 2015

Business Meeting October 11, 2015


There were 25 members present.
Pastor Marc read Proverbs 11:8, and opened in prayer.
Pastor Marc mentioned the treasurer’s report we have saved money, Lyle Jones made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Dyan Dunsworth. Voted and passed.
Karen Moore made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Darron Locke. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Nominating: no activity, Karen Moore
Fellowship: Sept 12th 12 people went to Steak & Shake for dinner & then went to see the movie "War Room".  Sept 18-19th Hillbilly fair was in process so the church worked in the shack, Sept 24-26th had a church fasting, purpose was to pray for our church membership, marriage and missions, Sept 27th bonfire & picnic at Bruce & Karen Moore
Deacon: had a deacon meeting on Oct. 7th & 11th met on 5 Wednesdays, and met on 4 Sunday mornings, Lyle Jones
Music: there were 4 Sunday mornings we worshipped the Lord, Sept 20th Walter Plant performed on Sunday morning worship, Karen Moore
Constitution & Bylaws: no activity, John Stewart
Kitchen: fellowship dinner on Sept 20th, Carol Firestone
Floral: changed flowers in the front of the church, Floy Beard sent 12 cards, Carol Firestone 
Historical: no activity, Carol Firestone
Sunday School: Enrollment 83, Average Visitor 4, Average Member 43, Average Attendance 47, Darron Locke  
Children: children church met 4 times in September, for Halloween we are going to have the trunk or treat on Oct 31st from5 to 8pm        Set up will be at 4pm, we will have popcorn & hot chocolate, the theme is fishers of men. Robbin Snyder
Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, total of 6 kids; average of 1.5 each Sunday, Hazel Stewart 
Telephone: there were 6 calls, Dyan Dunsworth

Media: no activity to report, Michele Chorpening
Audio: no report, Scott Fahrer
Awana: 9/9 Kids 67, Adults 34, Parents 2, Total Attendance 103 
9/16 Kids 56, Adults 35, Parents 0, Total Attendance 91
9/23 Kids 53, Adults 35, Parents 0, Total Attendance 85
9/30 Kids 53, Adults 31, Parents 1, Total Attendance 85, Michele Chorpening
Usher: Sunday morning worship for 4 Sundays a total attendance was 266, total visitors 26, average attendance 73, Joey Knapp
Youth: we met 4 out of 5 Wednesday in September, all Wednesday were in conjunction with Awana's, Gerrit & Tangelina Rockley 
Baptism: one baptism was Sherri Fahrer, in the month of September on the 20th, Bradley & Lacy Davis
Visitation: no report, Mike & Cathy Fahrer
Evangelism & Missions: no report, Dorothy & Glenn Dille
Trustee: the steeple was painted and put back on the Church at no charge, Jim Clary
Budget & Finance: Carol Firestone said the Pam Hutcheson wants to have another meeting to discuss the budget before deciding on the new budget.

Old Business: 
Lyle Jones said that John Stewart filled the hole in the back and cleaned it.
John Stewart said we put in the budget of $3,300 for projectors, we were able to purchase a projector for the front for $999, and should be able to get one for the back around $500-$600.
Dorothy Dille mentioned about doing a breakfast/lunch for the homeless/low income once a month in the time frame of the pantry, so they can do both, that day. Would like to start in November, Karen Moore said she will talk to the Sunday School class about making scarfs/blankets for them to have with winter coming. Pastor Marc asked if anyone would have a problem opening the church facilities for this benefit. Karen Moore said we can have people donate the food so that we will have it ready. John Stewart made the motion evangelism & missions to host the benefit, Mike Fahrer seconded it. Voted and passed, there were 2 no votes. John Stewart said the food pick up at open door in the 3rd Saturday of the month. Karen Moore said we need to check the calendar activities.  
Floy Beard mentioned the bulletin information .6 cents 100 makes it $312 a year, Dyan Dunsworth said we do 55 bulletins a week, it costs $55 for a case of legal paper that has 5,000 sheets, thats .11 cents a sheet, tabled till next month. 

New Business:

The Clerk Christy Fahrer read a letter from Jeff Chorpening. At this time he would like to resign from every position that he serves in. Thank you for allowing him to serve at First Baptist Church of Laurie.
Carol Firestone said she needed $30 for chicken for the fellowship dinner.
Carol Firestone reminded that the 250 shoeboxes need to be put together, and a lot needs to be done to get ready, start at 5:30.
Floy Beard said we need to start thinking what we want to do for Christmas this year, such as having the Nativity scene, or Caroling, we should start planning. Pastor Marc mentioned we could go down to the shack on the weekends. Dorothy Dille mentioned that we should take the youth to the Knolls for Caroling, Pastor Marc said we do that for Awanas. Karen Moore said the fellowship committee will discuss some ideas.
Pastor Marc asked Gerrit & Tangelina Rockley to go to a youth conference in Fort Worth Texas for $350 in April 1st & 2nd, and they will need two nights in a hotel. Dorothy Dille made the motion to send them, seconded by Lyle Jones. John Stewart said there is $1,650 in the youth fund. Voted and passed.
Pastor Marc mentioned a Pastor Convention in Springfield October 26th-28th, the Convention is free, asking for Hotel stay, while attending the Convention. Mike Fahrer made the motion for Pastor to stay in a hotel, seconded by Dorothy Dille. Voted and passed.
Floy Beard asked if we can make sure we announce anniversaries and birthdays during our fellowship dinners again.  
John Stewart made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Karen Moore.
Scott Fahrer closed in prayer.

Christy Fahrer 

  July 2021  
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