Business Meeting Oct 2016

Business Meeting for October 9th, 2016

There were 15 members present.
Lyle Jones read Luke 1:46-49, and opened in prayer.

Bradley Davis made the motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Cheryl Jones. Voted and passed.

Dyan Dunsworth made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Karen Moore. Voted and passed.

Dyan Dunsworth read a letter from Kookers Kare,Inc. They donated $250 to the church since we are doing the mobile pantry. Vickie Locke asked Melissa from the pantry to see if we could use it for toiletries, and Melissa said yes it was ok that we could use it toward toiletries.


Trustees: Lyle Jones mentioned that Clyde Bull is going to put up the trim.

Audio: no report:

Baptism: none to report, Bradley Davis
Children: 4 Sundays, 3 of the 4 we had children's church, Robbin Snyder

Constitution & Bylaws: At the business meeting on Sept. 11th, a motion was made to change the article 4.5.1 of the church's bylaws and the proposed changes were read. The motion was tabled until next business meeting where it will then be voted on.
There was no other business from the committee. John Stewart  

Deacons: Met 4 times on Sunday mornings, Met 4 times for prayer meetings, Met for 1 monthly meeting, took a person for supplies. Lyle Jones.

Evangelism & Missions: no report

Fellowship: we had a movie night on September 24th, & played God is Not Dead 2, had a good showing & had a good time. Karen Moore 

Music: 4 Sundays in Sept. every Sunday had 2 videos & 2 hymns, we had 1 special this month, Karen Moore


Floral: changed the flowers in front of the church, Carol Firestone

Kitchen: fellowship dinner Sept.18th, Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone 

Media: Jenny faxed advertisement for the giveaway for Oct. 8th, on the radio, Dyan Dunsworth

Nominating: Vickie Locke talked to John Stewart that he needed 4 more members for the Constitution &

Bylaws, he added Jenny Riggs, & Bradley Davis.    

Jim Clary stepped down from the Trustees, so Lyle Jones and Clyde Bull will be stepping in till the next election.The Trustee committee is Travis Delp (3yrs) secretary, Lyle Jones, & Clyde Bull. Vickie Locke

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, total of 4 kids, average 1 kid each Sunday. Hazel Stewart

Sunday School: average 5 visitors, average 25 members, average total present 30, have 60 members enrolled for the end of Sept. Darron Locke 

Telephone: 4 calls, Dyan Dunsworth

Usher: no report

Visitation: no report

Youth: no report

Old Business:
John mentioned Jenny Hall, for the Mo of transportation, was to come and see the sight where the sign will be to make the approval, but the paper work is in order. It will be end of the week or the next to check the location.
Bradley Davis asked about the bid on the directional sign, John said the cost is $800. Bradley Davis said we don't have a sign fund. John Stewart said we will have to find out where to take the money out of. John Stewart said we will have to get a permit for the sign from the city, cost is $75. Karen Moore made the motion to take the sign money out of the emergency fund, seconded by Robbin Snyder. Voted and passed.

Darron Locke mentioned that the Transitional Pastor was wanting to take a 3 day retreat to Windemere after the first of the year.
John Stewart said the Transitional Pastor was wanting a focus committeehave the history of the church and go over it.    

John Stewart mentioned the MO Convention. It’s in St Charles, and it’s for 3 days. Need to know by the 14th. If Darron Locke can get off work he would like to go. Robbin Snyder made the motion for Darron to go for the Mo Convention, seconded by Cheryl Jones. Voted and passed, that’s if Darron Locke can get off work to go.

Robbin Snyder mentioned the trunk or treat on Oct 31st 5-8pm. Will bring in a tote for the candy to be collected in. Just need candy and people to help out.

John Stewart mentioned that the shack needed to be winterized. Lyle Jones asked Bradley Davis if he would help winterize the shack. Bradley Davis said he already took care of what need to be done to winterize the shack. Carol Firestone mentioned the pizza cooker isn't working correctly, there is a part missing to it, don't know where it went.

Dyan Dunsworth said we just need to sell the shack, Bruce Moore said we could move it to the church property. Lyle Jones said we need to know the city regulations to know when to open it.

John Stewart said there is a motion on the table for the article 4.5.1 to have it changed to transitional pastor. Voted and passed.

New Business: 

Carol Firestone wants to clean up the room by the organ, the costumes and robes need to be put in totes and put in the attic, but need people to help. Also there are toys where the refrigerators are, and they are not putting them away when they are done with them.Robbin Snyder mentioned that the youth could help with the totes to put them away in the attic.

Carol Firestone mentioned the stack of choir chairs, asked Michele Chorpening if she would like to have them for the Sunday School room. Karen Moore said you could also up the chairs up front if you need to.
Carol Firestone asked if we could get rid of the old paint in the room where the refrigerators are.

Dyan Dunsworth mentioned if you go through the office, make sure you lock up and lights are shut off. Also if you use the printer make sure it gets shut off, the stapler and tape is put back too, if used. 

John Stewart made the motion to suspend the articles till the changes are made, Darron Locke seconded it. Voted and passed.

Darron Locke’s grandson is going on a mission trip to Haiti, and needs help to go, asking if the church would like to donate for the trip it costs $1500 for shots that are needed & airline. Karen Moore makes a motion to give $500 out of the emergency fund, seconded by  Dyan Dunsworth. Voted and passed. Vickie Locke will give Bradley Davis the information to where the money needs to be sent. Dyan Dunsworth will put the information in the bulletin if anyone else wants to donate.

John Stewart mentioned the shoebox postage. Karen Moore said Jenny Riggs told her we need $800. Bradley Davis said after this morning offering, it will be $700 we need. Carol Firestone said if we still needed the money when it comes time, we can use the the cookbook fund if needed.

Vickie Locke said we need an Assistant Sunday School Director, and an assistant Usher. Lyle Jones mentioned that Preston said Bengt Rockley would step up for the assistant Usher.

Christy Fahrer as clerk read two letters that people are resigning. Hazel Stewart stepping down from the Nursery, and Jim Clary stepping down from a Trustee.

Karen Moore said if we need to pay someone $25 a week to help with nursery. John Stewart said we have tried that before and didn't work. Lyle Jones said we need to announce that position.

Darron Locke made the motion the adjourn, seconded by Cheryl Jones. Voted and passed.

Bradley Davis closed in prayer.          

Christy Fahrer


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