Business meeting Sept 2015

Business Meeting Minutes for September 13th, 2015

There were 22 members present.
Pastor Marc read from Isaiah 58 and opened us in prayer.
June Hackathorn made the motion to accept the business minutes as written, seconded by Lyle Jones. Voted and passed. One correction in minutes is there were 11 visitors not 112.
John Stewart asked if missions was paid in August, Pam Hutcheson said no it was paid in September.
Treasures report was accepted. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Nominating: no activity to report,    Karen Moore
Fellowship: Movie night Aug 5th, Fellowship dinner Aug 16th, Ice cream social Aug 30th. Karen Moore
Deacon: we met 5 Sunday mornings for prayer & we met 4 Wednesday mornings for prayer & discussion. Jeff Chorpening
Music: we had 5 Sunday morning services, as always we hope we honored the Lord in all we did as one collective group. 
Jeff Chorpening    
Constitution & Bylaws: the committee has no business or activity to report. John Stewart
Kitchen: Fellowship dinner Aug 16th, Ice cream social Aug 30th. Carol Firestone
Historian: nothing to report. Carol Firestone
Floral & Decoration: changed flowers in the front of the church, Floy Beard sent 6 cards. Carol Firestone
Sunday School: total for Aug visitors 17: average visitors 3, members 208: average members 41, Darron Locke
Children Com: Awana had kicked off we are meeting on Wed's at 5:30-8:00pm we are feeding dinner but are not providing bus transportation this year. Children Church we average about 20 kids per week, like most programs at the church we are short on adult participation, most weeks Robbin Snyder has both age groups. Pre K-K is study the books of the bible, they are using Genesis through Revelation and we are a little more than half way through the program. 1st-5th just finished the bible story and will be starting the Fruit of the Spirit later this month, it is a 10 week course. Robbin Snyder
Nursery: there were 5 Sundays, total 12 kids: average of 2.4 kids each Sunday, Hazel Stewart
Telephone: 10 calls were made, Dyan Dunsworth
Media: no activity to report, Michele Chorpening
Awana: no activity to report, Michele Chorpening
Usher: no report    
Youth: we met on all 4 Wednesdays in the month of August, Gerrit Rockley

Old Business: 

Lyle Jones asked about the church sign, Pastor Marc said he needs to talk to John Reign so we can get it back. Scott Fahrer said we have to have the permission and paper work. Pastor Marc said I need to fill it out.

New Business:

Robbin Synder said Halloween is on Saturday this year, we had around 150 kids last year and with it on a weekend this year we expect around 200. Do we want a theme and have a longer time frame, and be more biblical and not make it just about candy. Voted and passed. Carol Firestone said we need to start collecting candy now. Comfort Zone will help supply candy.
Jeff Chorpening said he makes the motion to buy a projectors, we need to replace the projectors and take the money out of savings and do it quickly, and then replace the money back,  allowing to spend up to $3,300 for the projectors. Scott Fahrer seconded that motion Gerrit Rockley said a projector with 4,000 lumens for around $1,250. Pam Hutcheson said we have $2,400 in maintenance reserve, $600 in audio and visual, and $490 in Dennis Firestone memorial. Scott Fahrer said he will kick any extra if needed. Voted and passed. John Stewart will check it out.
June Hackathorn mentioned about Windemere, they started a group to help with the cabins, if we would like to help out there we will have a place to stay and will be fed. Pastor Marc asked if we need to supply the paint or carpet, June Hackathorn said no, it is already there, and the cabin we are staying in needs work. Scott Fahrer asked who owns Windemere, Pastor Marc said the Missouri Baptist Convention. We will discuss and see if anyone wants to adopt a cabin. Annette Knapp said we need to decide on the cabin where the Hackathorns are staying now, and then table it for the adopt a cabin. Karen Moore said we need to ask everyone and decide on what day they would want to go over there to work on the cabins. 
Dyan Dunsworth said the two printers we have, their service contracts are about expired, the large one is old, and if anyone who uses it please be careful with it. So do we want to renew the contract for the one in office or just buy our own. There was much discussion. Scott Fahrer made the motion to spend $700 on a new printer for the office and pick it up, seconded by Pam Hutcheson. The money with come out of the Awana fund, and then anyone can make donations back towards that account in with tithing.
Jeff Chorpening and Pam Hutcheson said they had a great idea and move the shack building from the park to the church property, and use it on our property, it gets us out of the cost of the Hill Billy Fair. Carol Firestone said we need a for sale sign it for now before we move it. Scott said the one the shacks has been for sale for 2 yrs. Much discussion on the shack.          
Lyle Jones mentioned the Steeple, do we need to buy supplies for it and what will it cost. Pastor Marc said it needs sanded down and painted. Robbin Snyder amend the motion to spend $500 out of the building fund for the steeple, seconded by Jim Clary. Voted and passed. 
Darron Locke mentioned the budget and finance committee discussed the budget and shaved off $4,362. I would like everyone to pray about it, and that amount to give Pastor Marc a raise. Jeff Chorpening said I think he deserves a raise, he works hard. Pam Hutcheson said we will revise the budget and incorporate the raise in it, and bring forth next business meeting.
John Stewart looked in the bylaws and the Trustees can spend up to a $500 amount in a emergency. 
Carol Firestone asked who would like to donate money for chicken for the fellowship dinner, Jeff Chorpening said he would donate the money.
Floy Beard made a motion on the cooperative program to switch from plan A to plan B. John Stewart seconded it. Annette Knapp mentioned we need to be praying for the Renegade Agency to come back. The reason for the switch is because the Legislation process is over now. John Stewart discussed the info on the Legislation over Windemere. Pastor Marc told Pam Hutcheson to call the  Convention to switch from plan A to plan B. Voted and passed, there was 2 no votes. 
Jeff Chorpening made motion to adjourn, seconded by Lyle Jones.
Pastor Marc closed in prayer. 

Christy Fahrer    




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