Business meeting Sept 2016

Business Meeting for September 11, 2016

There were 21 members present.
Lyle Jones read Romans 12: 1-6 and opened in prayer.


John Stewart made the motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Cheryl Jones. Voted and passed.
Dyan Dunsworth made the motion to accept the special business minutes, seconded by Carol Firestone. Voted and passed.

Bradley Davis discussed that there were items taken out from the office supply account.  This was not used for office supplies, but for new visitor cards. These are going to be taken out of the Evangelism and missions account. Bradley Davis paid the credit card fees $25.95, and we have a negative amount in the benevolence fund of -$12.13. John Stewart made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Hazel Stewart.

Dyan Dunsworth received the acceptance letter for Dale Atkinson for his membership.


Trustee: need to finish the trim, Lyle Jones

Audio: no report

Baptism: nothing to report, Bradley Davis

Children: 4 Sundays in August, we had Children Church 2 of the 4 Sundays, Robbin Snyder

Constitution & Bylaws: there was no activity to report, John Stewart

Deacon: Met 5 Wednesday for prayer; met 4 Sunday mornings for prayer; met for 1 deacon meeting for August; we helped 1 family for food, Lyle Jones      

Evangelism & Missions: no report

Fellowship: no activity, Karen Moore

Floral: changed flowers in the front of church, Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone

Kitchen: fellowship dinner was August 21st, all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen all have been cleaned of dust and organized, except 2 cupboards, pantry is also cleaned. Carol Firestone 

Media: nothing to report, Dyan Dunsworth

Music: there were 4 Sundays, 1 special by Dale Atkinson, Karen Moore

Nominating: nothing to report, Vickie Locke  

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, total of 3 kids, average of .75 kids each week, Hazel Stewart
Sunday School: Aug there were 60 members, average of 2 visitors, average of 23 members, average of 25 total attendance, Darron Locke  

Telephone: 4 calls were made, Dyan Dunsworth

Usher: total 147 members, 8 visitors, total of 155 people, average of 36 members, average 2 visitors Preston Fahrer

Visitation: no report

Youth: no report

Old Business:

John Stewart said the permit application for the church sign is complete and has been submitted. Just waiting for it to get back. Bradley Davis said we have no sign fund, so where will the money come from. John Stewart said the directional 8x8 sign will be around $700.

Carol Firestone went by the pizza shack and turned on the pizza machine to make sure it works, which it did, it was just dirty. We need helpers to fill in for the hillbilly fair. The new water heater Bradley Davis installed in shack looks great. When we were talking about the selling the golf cart it is not longer available. So we need transportation back and forth from the shack.

New Business:

Bruce Moore wants to know what everyone wants to do with the music: hymns, guitar, screen songs. Everyone likes the variety that Bruce and Karen Moore have been doing for the music. 

Robbin Snyder mentions that Halloween is approaching and if we would like to do the trunk or treat inside again, and its on a Monday this year. Have made calls but no date is set yet for when it is this year. It went great last year. Don't know the theme yet, and will get more details later.


Carol Firestone said if it rains we need to get more rugs to keep from slipping in the fellowship hall area.      

Jennifer Delp talked to Karen Moore and their Sunday School Class about doing something for the kids since we are not having awanas this year. We will have rotations with music, bible study, games, crafts, and have snacks. Robbin Snyder said we have the Sunday school lessons we have but just need to shorten the it because its lengthy. We could start First Wednesday of October, helpers will be Robbin Snyder, Vickie Locke, Jennifer Delp, Karen Moore, Christy Fahrer. Much Discussion. 

Carol Firestone said when she was cleaning the kitchen she had found lots of popcorn, and it was all over the floor and the shelves and will draw pests. Dyan Dunsworth called the exterminator and he said they only supply glue traps.  We will put down regular traps.

Carol Firestone mentioned the fellowship dinner, do we want ham/turkey or get chicken. Christy Fahrer is cooking the turkey, and Darron & Vickie Locke are cooking the ham.
Darron Locke mentioned that we are going to have the transitional pastor they interviewed on Sunday morning. Robbin Snyder said we will have the kids stay upstairs for children church to listen to the transitional pastor. Hazel Stewart mentioned that she will see if he will preach Sunday night too. 

John Stewart read the proposed the article for the transitional pastor from the existing article of the interim pastor. It will be tabled to next month. 

John Stewart said the Girl Scout troop wants to use the church again for meetings.. 
Dyan Dunsworth made the motion to allow the girl scouts to use the fellowship hall,  seconded by Robbin Snyder. Voted and passed.

John Stewart mentioned the Missouri annual Convention is again this year Oct 24th-26th, normally the pastor would go, but not having one right now, a few people could go. So if there is anyone wanting to go, need to have the registration in by Oct 14th. Let John Stewart know by the next business meeting, food and lodging is needed.

John Stewart mentioned the Main Street Music Hall appreciation night is Oct 6th & 7th. Dyan Dunsworth said the first 10 are free on Thursday, then its buy 1 get 1 free. Karen Moore said she will be in charge of the tickets.

Carol Firestone said the pipes under the sink are leaking. 

John Stewart mentioned a focus committee for the transitional pastor and if you want to be a part of it and be working with the upcoming transitional pastor.

Lyle Jones is the only active trustee and Clyde Bull would like to help out. Dyan Dunsworth is going to check to see if he is a member.

Hazel Stewart made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Jennifer Delp.

Mike closed in prayer.

Christy Fahrer  

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