Business Minutes Feb 2014

Business Minutes for February 9th, 2014

There were 25 members present. Pastor Marc opened us in prayer.
Richard Hackathorn made the motion to accept the minutes as written, and seconded by Dyan Dunsworth, voted on and passed.
John Stewart mentioned a miss spelling, the word Salon corrected to Saloon. Another  correction was extent to extend.  
Pam Hutcheson mentioned the budget, that we are not meeting it. We are borrowing it from the Designated fund to pay our bills. We need to have another budget and finance meeting. April Choate agreed that we should have a meeting and find where we need to make changes in the budget, if we are not able to pay them. Scott Fahrer mentions that we will get together and have a meeting. Annette Knapp asked if Awana is coming out of the designated fund, and Pam Hutcheson said yes.
Carol Firestone made the motion to accept the Treasures report, and seconded by John Stewart. Pastor Marc said we need to be in prayer about tithe and offering, we need to be leading, witnessing and evangelizing, to also help bring in more people into our church. Voted on and passed.
Old Business:
Pastor Marc asked if all positions are filled, and Carol Firestone said no. Annette Knapp said that since we don't have a Sunday School Director, she will help if needed, and she and Carol Firestone will be keeping the attendance records, and Dyan will be ordering the Sunday School the Curriculum, until we have someone to fill the position. 
Pastor Marc asked what was the Scholarship Committee about, John Stewart said it was originally set up there for kids to help supply with some money going towards college, that we have not supplied for a while now.
Budget & Finance: no report
Nominating: nothing to report, but still need a Sunday School Director
According to the Church Bylaws, during the February Business Meeting the moderator is to appoint two people to the nominating committee and three people are to be elected by the church. I am notifying the church that I am resigning as the chairman of the nominating committee. (Carol Firestone)
Fellowship: no activities
Constitution & Bylaws: The committee had no business and did not meet in January.
The question had came up as to why the usher committee wasn't listed as a standing committee. After investigation it was determined it was a typo, as the duties of the usher committee are already included in the bylaws. So a correction will be made at the next printing.
Deacon's Report: the deacons met for three Sunday morning prayers and had a regular Deacon's meeting in January. We also met on four Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time.
We are still developing the Deacon Family Ministry Plan which will have each deacon ministering to a certain number of families in the church. Phone calls and visits are being made. We are also addressing some financial needs of those who contact us. Lots of prayer is being sent up in intersession for physical and spiritual needs.
Baptism: 0 for the month of January
Evangelism & Missions:  no report    
Nursery: there were 4 Sundays; total of 6 kids; average of 2 kids each Sunday.
Kitchen: no activity
Historical: still working on 2013 and will be starting on 2014. If anyone had anything to be added to our history book, please let me know. (Carol Firestone)
John said he would like to update pictures on the website
Telephone: 4 calls for the prayer chain
Visitation: No report
Music: pray for us, and our music
Floral & Decoration: flowers were sent to the funeral for Meredith Oliver, grandmother of Rachel Herring
Floy Beard sent 10 cards
Youth: nothing to report 
Media: emailed Bott Radio, KS95 and KCVO to announce the cancellation for Awana on January 8th, 2014.
Audio & Visual: no report
Sunday School: no report
Usher: Jan 5 – no church 
           Jan   12 109 attendance, evening 28
           Jan   19  97 attendance   Feb 23  73 attendance  3 visitors
           Jan   26  98 attendance 2 visitors
Awana: Jan 8    cancelled due to weather
            Jan15    89 kids    37 leaders    1 parent      127 total
            Jan 22  80 kids    38 leaders    7 parents    125 total
            Jan 29  86 kids    34 leaders    1 parent      121 total

Trustee: Millie Bebermeyer is stepping down from the Janitorial position. Gerrit wrapped the poles by the fellowship hall. All the parking blocks are moved back.
Annette said on Kevin Stutesman's update, Robin said his fever and rash keep spiking and the hospital is still keeping him until fever breaks.

New Business:
April Choate brought up WMU, in the lack of participation in helping with bingo at the Knolls, Nursing Home. We need people to help out or if we need someone else to take it over, I will not be going anymore, they don't want my kids to help and are not nice to them. The question is are we going to continue with Bingo or not. Pastor Marc asked June Hackathorn and or friends, to pray about it. June Hackathorn said no. April Choate asked if the church still interested in helping with bingo. Jay Cardenas said that he will help out with it. Floy Beard said don't leave them out. Jay Cardenas asked if we know the schedule, April said we don't have the new schedule yet. 
Jeff Chorpening said he measured the church for carpet, its 3000 sq ft up and down stairs.
Even though we are dealing with finances, we do need to consider changing out the carpet. Its going to run $3000 in the fellowship hall, $2400 in the sanctuary. 
Carol Firestone mentioned the parking lot is needing to be taking care of due to the ice. We need to make sure that it is salted, so no one falls.
Scott Fahrer as being the Trustee, Millie Bebermeyer is stepping down for the Janitorial position, and Joey Knapp is next in line for the job. Millie had paid $275 for the cleaning cart, but would like to make a trade for the computer and the brown chair. Pastor Marc asked everyone if they would be in agreement, to exchange the cleaning cart for the computer and the chair. Karen Moore made the motion for the exchange, seconded by  Richard Hackathorn, Voted and passed.
Karen Moore mentioned that there was a confusion on cost for the banquet, there is 18% gratuity added to the cost, so we will not have enough money for Wendy. We need to have a love offering for her at the banquet. Jeff chorpening said that if everyone should bring $5 it will be $150 for Wendy.
Pastor Marc said that we have a 3 month calendar in the office, always check it so we do not have any issues on events or activities, etc. 
Annette Knapp said we are in need for some camp sponsors.  It costs $25 per child. There will be a golf tournamentMay 8th if anyone wants to sponsor a hole for $50, money goes toward a scholarship for a child to go to camp. Pastor Marc asked if we want to sponsor a hole. Annette said the kids that can not afford to go, they can fill out an application for the scholarship for camp, you can go through the association. Bradley Davis said there are people at our church and doing fund raisers so the money goes to our kids first. Floy Beard asked if we could do a garage sale, to help raise money for camp. Youth should work for their money for camp. Pastor Marc said as a church we are going to hold off on sponsoring a hole.  Tabled till next month.
Pastor Marc asked who wants to be nominated for the nominating committee, its a 1 yr term. Chairman Lacy Davis, Tangelina Rockley, Karen Moore, Travis Delp, and or Doug Riggs.
Pastor Marc mentions that we had a wedding here a few months ago, here is a marriage contract, and didn't know if we need to vote and attach to bylaws, the couple would have to sign the wedding contract. Scott Fahrer asked if we charge for the weddings, and Pastor Marc said yes we do, if they use our facilities and pastor it is $150. Scott Fahrer made the motion to attach the contract to the marriage cerimony contract, and seconded by Hazel Stewart.
Karen Moore made the motion to adjourn, and seconded by Richard Hackathorn.

Christy Fahrer

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