Business minutes April 2015

Business Minutes for April 12th, 2015

There were 15 members present.

Pastor Marc read Palm 46.

Annette Knapp opened in prayer.

Went over business meeting minutes and special meeting minutes for March.  Hazel Stewart made the motion to accept minutes as written, seconded by June Hackathorn. Voted and passed. There were no additions or corrections.

June Hackathorn made the to accept the treasurers report, seconded by Carol Firestone. Voted and passed. There were no additions or corrections.

Committee Reports:

Nominating: had 2 meetings, Karen Moore

Fellowship: March 15th Fellowship Dinner

March 24th Woman Bible Study
March 28th Mugs n Muffins
March 29th Louisiana Mission Study, Karen Moore

Deacons: met for 5 Sunday morning prayers but did not have regular deacons meeting in March, we also met on 5 Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time. John Stewart

Constitution & Bylaws: the committee met on March 26th and discussed the submitted written requests concerning the Awana Kid's Club and the Children's Church and how they weren't addressed in the constitution and bylaws, after much discussion a proposal was put together and will be presented in new business. John Stewart

Kitchen: no report

Sunday School: we have 346 members enrolled, we had 230 members, 34 visitors for a total month of 264, church was cancelled for March 1st, the averages are 87 enrolled, 9 visitors, 58 members, 66 total people in attendance. Carol Firestone

Floral: just changed the flowers in the front of the church. Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity, talked to Elaine Graham about taking over the historian committee. Floy Beard sent out 7 cards.  Carol Firestone

Nursery: there were 5 Sundays, total of 12 kids, average of 2.4 kids each Sunday. Hazel Stewart

Prayer Chain: 7 calls, Dyan Dunsworth

Music: no report

Media: March 16th advertised Mugs n Muffins and Ladies Bible Study "Lies Women Believe" with Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS95, Spirit FM, West Lake Chamber
  March 13th advertised Mugs n Muffins and Ladies Bible Study "Lies Women Believe" with Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS95, Spirit FM, West Lake Chamber. Added KRMS, 93.5, The Wave 101.9 radio stations to the list. Spoke with the West Lake Chamber and they are going to advertise the Trivia Challenge some took flyers, Lake Expo is going to advertise it for free and another guy was going to promote it on face book.
March 19th spoke with Leader Statesman to place an ad for the Trivia Challenge they are going to place an 2x5 ad 2 times in the paper and on the web with the cost of $99.00 they are also going to list it in the paper for free 2 times.
Karen Moore and I sent out approximately nine some invitations to the Mugs n Muffins and to the Bible Study "Lies Women Believe." Michele Chorpening

Awana: 3/4 canceled due to weather
3/11 Kids 80, Adults 32, Total Attendance 112
3/18 Kids 72, Adults 28, Total Attendance 100
3/25 Kids 82, Adults 29, Total Attendance 111, Michele Chorpening

Usher: no report

Evangelism & Missions: no report

Visitation: no report

Trustee: no report

Youth: the youth met on one Sunday evening, we also had one outing to the bowling alley with 16 participants. Gerrit Rockley

Darren Locke made the motion to accept the reports, voted and passed.

Old Business: 

no old business to report at this time.

New Business:

Pam Hutcheson discussed the treasurers report, the balance is low and would like permission to transfer savings account funds to general account that pays the bills. Pam Hutcheson thinks we should run all bills through the church or transfer out of the savings account. The money needs to be moved over because she has bills at home that she can't pay because the funds are not there. We have been paying bills with the designated funds.
Pastor Marc said for the last month there has been money going into designated funds, not working, need to bring funds up with offerings, the expenses are over budget.
We will have a budget and finance meeting the 1st of May and go over budget, we have gone over the budgeted expense.
Pam Hutcheson wants to move $3200.00 from savings account. When Awana orders something the funds are not there because it is in designated funds.
Pam Hutcheson made the motion to move the $3200.00 as needed, seconded by Carol Firestone.

There is $33,000.00 in Savings, Michele Chorpening said there is 10,000.00 in designated funds. Voted and passed, motion carries.

Richard Hackathorn said we need to replace the flag.

Pam Hutcheson said the new budget and finance members needs to be at the May meeting.

Annette Knapp made the motion to add Awana and Children committees to the constitution and bylaws.
Added 2 new positions to the Nominating Committee. Will vote on adding new committees next month.

The nominating committee needs to finish filling in committee chairs. The chair person will get their committee members.

Historical, Karen Moore is talking with Elaine Graham, Sunday School director, Darren Locke said he would do it. Karen Moore made the motion to accept the nominating committees. Motion passed.

Scott Fahrer asked if anyone could look at the bus, it is very bad, it pulls to the left, has a cut out problem. Pastor Marc said to ask George Fields.

April Choate mentioned about Jennifer Jester, asked if we could assist with the funeral for the loss of Robin and their daughter, the husband is Den Widdie, the funeral is Thursday at 11:00 in Eldon. April requested if we could take up a love offering. Pastor Marc asked if we could find out what kind of life insurance they have. Annette Knapp said we should do something now.

Scott Fahrer said we should investigate what husband would want. Carol Firestone said we take a love offering next Sunday. Pastor Marc said lets be compassionate, don't be hard hearted, we can't put a price on loosing his wife and daughter. We will take up a love offering on Sunday.

Marc said the phones aren't working well, Dyan Dunsworth did some checking on the phones.


Scott Fahrer said we have commercial phones we could donate, he will bring them to the church.

Pastor Marc said we need to clean up O Rd. April is the time. We will meet up on April 25th to clean up. It is on the calendar for the 18th, we need to make a note to let Dyan Dunsworth now.

Pastor Marc said we had a lady and husband come into Awana's, they gave a great presentation. She wrote a book and would sell to us for $5 per book, 62 kids took one, the amount totaling $310 we owe her. Richard Hackathorn made the motion to pay the amount, seconded by June Hackathorn. Discussion was we could vote to provide the money to pay for it. Floy Beard said if we have the money we should just pay for it. June Hackathorn said could we pay for it then asked if people would like to sponsor.


Karen Moore said we are having a youth auction would that strap the people. Pastor Marc said they need to pray for it, they don't have to sponsor everything.

Pam Hutcheson mentioned there was $668 that has been collected for Annie Armstrong. Floy Beard said some people cannot afford all these offerings and special finances. Pastor Marc said God loves a cheerful giver, we should give with joy, glorify God so that people have the opportunity you cannot out give God. Floy Beard said I understand but a lot of people are on fixed income. Pastor Marc said I'm on a fixed income, and we give a lot. I have not taken a raise for 3 years, and know that times are tough, but I feed and cloth 6 people in my family. I want every opportunity to say Thank You Lord, that is what giving is all about. Hazel Stewart said God will provide when given and He will provide our needs.
Motion and the Floor was Jeanne and Lawrence Chapman. Voted and Passed.

Hazel Stewart made the motion to adjourn.

Carol Firestone said we need chicken for fellowship dinner. April Choate said we have 4 hams and a turkey that we will be glad to donate.

The motion was seconded by June Hackathorn.

Pastor Marc closed in prayer.

Christy Fahrer

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