Business minutes Aug 2015

Business Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2015



Pastor Marc Knapp opened by reading Jeremiah 8:20 and prayer.


Richard Hakathorn made a motion to accept the minutes; June Hackathorn made a second.  Passed.  Our Treasurer was absent tonight, so we did not have a report.


Committee Reports:

Nominating – No meeting/ no decisions needed to be made.   Karen Moore


Fellowship – Fellowship dinner July 19th; Many went to camp this month, July 20-24.  Had a very blessed time.   Karen Moore


Deacons – We met four Sunday mornings before Sunday Services.  The Deacons met three Tuesday mornings for our regular prayer & fellowship meeting.  We had our monthly Deacons meeting with the pastor, we discussed various topics but our focus is always how we can serve our Lord better and be the best spiritual leaders possible.  We also served the congregation in aiding with the Lord’s Supper. 

Jeff Chorpening


Constitution & By-Laws – There were no new proposals to consider and the committee did not meet.     John Stewart


Kitchen – July 15th we had a going away dinner for the Choate family and the fellowship dinner July 19th.       Carol Firestone


Sunday School – 94 enrolled.  July 5 = 48 members/112 visitors; July 12 = 58 members/11 visitors; July 19 = 52 members/4visitors; July 26 = 49 members/5 visitors.  Average 52 members/8 visitors.       Darron Locke


Floral – Changed the arrangement in front of the church.  Floy Beard sent 11 cards.  Carol Firestone


Historian – Nothing new.    Carol Firestone


Nursery – 12 children with an average of 3.   Hazel Stewart


Prayer Chain – There were 5 calls.    Dyan Dunsworth


Music – We had four regular Sunday morning worship services where the praise and worship members led the music.     Jeff Chorpening


Media – No activity to report.   Michele Chorpening


AWANA – No activity to report.    Michele Chorpening


Evangelism – No report


Usher – No report


Old Business:

John Stewart asked if there was a new budget for 2015-2016.  “We need to have a meeting”. 


New Business:

Floy Beard asked which cooperative program we’re on – A or B.  Floy suggested plan B.  Pastor Marc said we’re A.  He suggested both plans be presented and vote on it.  Floy expounded on the differences, with main difference as plan restoration, that A is paying lawyers fees.  Pastor Marc stated that much like our country is run today.  Passivity of God’s people, we have raised up several not God-fearing people; we’re reaping the harvest.  This is scaled down to Mo Baptist Convention.  Agencies of Mo Baptist Conv. Need to hold these people accountable.  He mentioned two papers with “Word & Way” being liberal; “Pathway” conservative.  Karen Moore asked “why do we support them?”  Pastor Marc said there are always some renegades, not every fund probably right but most are trying to disciple and use to grow spiritually.  We send 3%.  Brad Davis indicated the trustees in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship were very liberal.  Much discussion.  Let’s bring more info to the next meeting.  One can go to to see the difference in the plans.


Jim Clary stated that the shack was painted.


Pastor Marc mentioned the upcoming pig roast and to save our papers.  He also asked about a possible fall or spring mission trip.


Brad Davis said he needs 4 or 5 men to help the Tuesday night before the pig roast to get it going.  Jeff Chorpening will dig the hole.  The pig roast is September 9th.


Jeff Chorpening made a motion to adjourn; Karen Moore made a 2nd.


Respectively Submitted,


Dyan Dunsworth

Assistant Clerk

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