Business minutes Feb 2015


Business Minutes for February 8, 2015

There were 24 members present.
Pastor Marc read from Romans 16:1-19.

June Hackathorn made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Carol Firestone.

Pam Hutcheson discussed the treasures report, the utilities have been higher than normal, Pastor Marc said that Gerrit Rockley fixed that. Pam Hutcheson said we need to pray, never seen the account this low. The Awana fundraiser went into the general fund to help out with expenses. Pastor Marc asked if we are bringing in less money, and Pam Hutcheson said yes. We need to pray as a church for finances. Floy Beard said we have lost several members. Nick Choate asked if we ever went over budget. Pam Hutcheson said that tithing was $9,000-$10,000 A month, and now its about $6,000-$7,000.
Dyan Dunsworth made a motion to accept the Treasure report, seconded by Hazel Stewart.

Pam Hutcheson said that she is still working on the new program system for the computer, it is taking longer than expected.

Committee Reports:

Nominating: there are a few positions open, but since we start new positions in February we did not
try to fill any at this time, Karen Moore

Fellowship: fellowship dinner Jan. 18th after morning service.
Jan. 25th evening service was at First Baptist Church in Versailles to hear David Ring speak,
Karen Moore

Deacon: the deacons are continuing to meet for prayer and fellowship, many prayers are being
lifted for our members that are sick or in need. We also seeking guidance in the church's
self examination of our processes and how we can be more effective, John Stewart

Constitution & Bylaw: the committee had no business and did not meet in January, John Stewart

Baptism: none in January, Bradley Davis

Kitchen: we had a potlock/fellowship dinner & Ham & Bean fundraiser dinner for Awanas. The new
stove is working good for us, everyone is doing a nice job of cleaning up. There is a note pad on the
refrigerator for the needed supplies, and janitorial supplies needed can be added as well to
be picked up at Sam's Club, Doug & Jenny Riggs

Sunday School: 214 members in attendance, 17 visitors:
average 53 members, 4 visitors, Carol Firestone

Floral: put new flowers on front table, Floy Beard sent 10 cards, Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays a total of 12 kids: average of 3 kids each Sunday, Hazel Stewart

Audio: no report

Telephone: 6 calls, Dyan Dunsworth

Music: we had 4 Sunday services, we had 2 specials, our desire is to be in accord, that the Lord
All Mighty would receive praise & honor in all we do, Jeff Chorpening

Media: the following was sent to the Lake Sun Leader, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio,
KS95, Spirit FM, West Lake Chamber, on Oct. 9th.  Please put in the paper for the next to
weeks. First Baptist Church of Laurie Awana Club is having a homemade all-you-can-eat Ham
& Bean Dinner fundraiser lunch & dinner on Friday, Jan. 30th, 4:30-7:00. Preordered
lunches will be delivered between 11:00-1:00 in the Laurie, Sunrise Beach areas. Tickets cost
$7.00 for adults, $4.00 for children 3-12 and children under 2 yrs are free. You can buy
your tickets at the door. The meal includes ham & beans, cornbread, baked apples, coleslaw
and dessert. All proceeds help to pay for uniforms, books awards and supplies. There will
also be a craft and bake sale. For information, call the church, Annette, or Michele

Awana: 1/7 no awana because of cold weather
1/14 kids 81, adults 33, total attendance 114
1/21 kids 81, adults 32, total attendance 113
1/28 kids 89, adults 31, total attendance 120, Michele Chorpening

Usher: members 355, visitors 8, Jay Cardenas

Evangelism & Missions: meeting met with Pastor Marc & Annette, Glen & Dorothy, Jenny & Joey,
after opening in prayer, we discussed a mission trip to Poydras, Louisiana in 2015, our date
to go is tentatively June 1st-5th, our goal is to reach the lost and bring food & water to the
homeless. Work in the food kitchens. Passing out door knockers & presenting Christ as we
meet people. We are waiting on the contact with the Pastor Galey to get our dates calendared
& discuss our goals. Dorothy Dille

Visitation: Jenny Riggs & Karen Moore went to visit someone new in C&J Appartments and took
loaves of bread, a potted plant, handed them a track & and invited them to church.

Trustee: no report, Jim Clary

Youth: in the month of Jan. E.P.I.C the youth group had 3 meetings on Sunday evenings, we had 1
youth function at SK8 Zone in Jefferson City, with 13 youth attending and 2 leaders. Gerrit

Reports was accepted and passed.



Old Business:

Dyan Dunsworth asked if we needed a Sunday School Director, Karen Moore said we have to start new next month. Jeff Chorpening said that Cathy Fahrer would like to take that position.

Jeff Chorpening said that Frank from Papa Chubby's is buying the bus #3 waiting to hear back from him. We need to cancel the insurance, the Trustee Jim Clary needs to sign everything. Also had renewed bus #7 with 2 yr tags.

Jenny Riggs went over the research on the projectors $279 had more lumens, the brightness. It’s the same as what we have now. Bradley Davis asked what it would cost to repair ours. Pastor Marc said $120 for the lamps. We could get three  45 in TV's for the front, Karen Moore said it would be nice for the congregation. Jeff Chorpening said it would be nice if its angled right for everyone to see. Annette Knapp said if we spend the money on the TV's then we don't need to spend the money on the projector. Robbin Snyder said we would have additional expense plus the software. Bradley Davis mentioned that the electrical, and mounting would have to be done too. Michele Chorpening said she had gone to a garage sale and got a 50 inch TV Monitor, has wall mounts, & has a 15 pin plug. Would Gift it, if the church would like to have it. Jim Clary said if we had one monitor, we could angle it in the corner for everyone to see. Dyan Dunsworth mentions we always could  just use our hymnals. Karen Moore said we could start with the gifted monitor. Jeff Chorpening said in a couple weeks we will bring it to the church and have the guys take a look at it. Pam Hutcheson said her son is a electrician and could take a look at it.

Lyle Jones asked if anyone was interested in going in on buying the shack with him and Cheryl. Pam Hutcheson said it can't be opened during the BBQ.

Pastor Marc said there were 32 people that went and saw David Ring speak at Versailles Baptist Church.

Dyan Dunsworth mentioned Mike & Cathy Fahrers membership. Voted and Passed.

Carol Firestone said she had $40 to donate towards chicken for the fellowship dinner next week, If anyone else would like to contribute. Jim Clary said he would donate $40. Do we need to increase it, and Jenny Riggs said if we each bring 2 sides it would be enough food.

Pam Hutcheson mentioned that we are having upcoming speakers. Pastor Marc said yes, Jeanie Chapman, John Hill. Annette Knapp said we will also have Wendy Warner coming to Awana's this week.

Lyle Jones was asking why some of the prayer chains was not being received. Dyan Dunsworth because if we run out of credits, we have to wait until the association gets more credits.

Pastor Marc announced the nominating committee: Karen Moore, Nick Choate, Jenny Riggs, Cheryl Jones, & Travis Delp. The nominations ceased, we had a secret ballet.

Jenny mentioned their friends, Darrin & Vicky Lock, 573/397-7178 that they enjoyed the church and will be back. Pastor Marc mentions the visitors that recently visited, please give them a call and let them know we noticed that they have been gone. Bob & Helen, Adrien & Kyle, Kimberly & Chloe 573/372-8122, Carol 918/859-2288, Tim & Angie 573/5463, Carol Firestone, Jerry Hutcheson, Grandma Jones 573/374-0034, Kelly Coffman 573/280-1911, let them know we love them.
Richard Hackathorn mentioned the Handicap bathroom, we should put something in the toilet to keep it from running.

Jeff Chorpening made the motion to adjourn, seconded by June Hackathorn.

Christy Fahrer

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