Business Minutes for April 2014

Business Minutes for April 13th,  2014

There were 13 members present. Pastor Marc read 1 Corinthian 15:44, and opened us in prayer. 
Dyan Dunsworth made the motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Hazel Stewart. Voted and passed.
Scott Fahrer made the motion to accept the treasurer report, and seconded by Pam Hutcheson. Voted and passed.
Floral & Decorations: no activity. Carol Firestone
Historian: continuing to collect items for the history books. Carol Firestone
Sunday School: total members  94
 members for the month  209
 visitors for the month      12
 weekly average                52
       Carol Firestone  
Fellowship: no activity. Karen Moore
Constitution & Bylaws: the committee did not meet in March, and the committee did meet in April and will bring up a proposal in new business. John Stewart
Deacon: the deacons met for three Sunday morning prayers and had a regular deacon's meeting in March. We also met on four Tuesday mornings at 6:30 am for share and prayer time. The share and prayer time gives us the opportunity to discuss and pray for specific people and specific needs. Many of you have been lifted up by name, for needs of yourself, your spouse, and your family. Pray for your church's deacons as we learn to be the best we can be. John Stewart
Baptism: no report. Bradley Davis
Evangelism & Mission: no report. Dorothy Dille 
Visitation: no report. Dorothy Dille
Nursery: there were 5 Sundays, total of: 14 kids
Average of 2.8 kids each Sunday
           Hazel Stewart
Kitchen: no report. Millie Bebermeyer
Telephone: no report. Millie Bebermeyer
Music: our worship team didn't practice every week like we normally do, due to sickness and schedule. But we serve our Lord to the best of our ability. There were 5 Sunday mornings. Jeff Chorpening
Media: March 19th, emailed information about the youth camp brunch fundraiser held on March 29th to the following: Lake Sun Leader, The Lake Today, Bott Radio, KS-95, Spirit FM and West Lake Chamber. Also Lake Sun ad for Easter Services.
Budget Report: no report. Pam Hutcheson
Awana: 3/5 82 Kids  35 Adults Total Attendance 117
 3/12 97 Kids  37 Adults Total Attendance 134 
 3/19 96 Kids  41 Adults Total Attendance 137
         3/26 94 Kids  35 Adults Total Attendance 129
Usher: Average of 72/1 vis.  for three Sundays.  Church was cancelled the first Sunday of March.
Pam Hutcheson mentions that its coming down to the fiscal quarter, so we need to get ahold of the chairman of the nominating committees. 
Pam Hutcheson said that she has not bought the software for the computers just yet.
John Stewart was discussing about his guy on the upgrade on the computers. Much discussion from everyone. Jeff Chorpening said we should use the maintenance fund to buy the ram for the computer. Pastor Marc said use the maintenance fund. John Stewart said can he move forward on the maintenance for the computers with his guy for $60. Hazel Stewart made the motion to buy the ram and was seconded by Carol Firestone. 
Scott Fahrer said he had a customer donate an outside unit for the church, but have to purchase an air handler (furnace), about $800 for it. Pastor Marc said we will have to discuss it with the rest of the congregation. Scott Fahrer said he will have the summer yet to look and see if he can get an air handler, so we can wait. Jeff Chorpening asked if the $800 for the unit,  is it cost effective for the air handler make up the difference for the the year. Scott Fahrer explained that it could.
Carol Firestone mentions that we need to paint the shack, the shoot out is in September. Pam Hutcheson said if we won't sell pizza at the shack, we need to take the sign down. Pastor Marc said we need to wait and decide what we will sell. Pastor Marc indicated we will get the trustees on the shack.
Carol Firestone and Millie Bebermeyer are going to rearrange the kitchen and want a shelf built. Pastor Marc said just ask someone handy. John Stewart advised for those who cook on Wednesday nights before moving things around.
John Stewart mentions the proposal received  4 months ago and discussed on adding the paragraph to the constitution and bylaws, and vote next month.
John Stewart mentions the current custodian if he makes as the last custodian. Scott Fahrer said no, he doesn’t, and couldn't because of experience. Jeff Chorpening said he deserves it, he does a great job. Pastor Marc propose to keep that wage for a year. 
Hazel Stewart made a motion to adjourn, and seconded by Karen Moore.

Christy Fahrer

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