Business minutes for July 2014

There were 22 members present.
Pastor Marc reads Ephesians 4:15, and opened us in prayer.
Lyle Jones made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by June Hackathorn. Voted and passed.
Bradley Davis made a motion to accept the treasures report, seconded by Carol Firestone. Pam Hutcheson discussed that she is getting the new program started now, stated the building fund amount is built up, and putting it in the savings account. Bradley Davis said why are we using $153 of natural gas in the summer. Jeff Chorpening mentions that it’s the minimal fee or the final bill. Pastor Marc asked Pam Hutcheson to check on the gas bill.
Doug Riggs asked how much the kitchen could spend. Annette Knapp said it was a $100 a month.
Cheryl Jones asked about the cookbook fund and what we do with the money. Annette Knapp said that WMU uses it, if it’s needed. 
Accepted the treasures report, voted and passed.
Fellowship: had a fellowship dinner, WMU had a Louisiana mission study and dinner. - Karen Moore
Constitution & Bylaws: the committee did not have any business in June and did not meet. - John Stewart
Deacons: the deacons met for 5 Sunday morning prayers and we also met 4 Tuesday mornings at 6:30 am for share and prayer time. We had a regular deacons meeting in June. We elected officers of the board with John Stewart as chairman, Bob Bebermeyer as vice chairman and Jeff Chorpening as secretary/treasurer. Bob Bebermeyer has since resigned.
Our goals are to provide ministry for our church family, whether it is spiritual support during times of sickness, financial support during times of needs, advice or help in getting things done, or whatever way we can serve the church family. - John Stewart
Floral & Decorations: no activity - Carol Firestone
Historian: no activity - Carol Firestone
Sunday School: 5 Sundays 258 members, 29 Visitors, 287 Total         
Visitation: no report
Missions: no report
Nursery: 5 Sundays a Total of 14 kids, average of 2.8  kids each Sunday - Hazel Stewart
Music: once again our team practices when our busy schedules allow us to. We had 5 Sundays in which we were allowed to lead the congregation in worship, nobody sang any specials that I am aware of. - Jeff Chorpening
Telephone: no report, Dyan Dunsworth is taking over this
Media: none for June - Michele Chorpening
Usher: no report 
Baptism: none for the month of June - Bradley & Lacy Davis 
Audio: no report 
Kitchen: no report
Youth: no report
Dyan Dunsworth said if anyone gets keys out, the cabinet needs to be locked back up. Lyle Jones said it doesn't work.
John Stewart said the boat show-shoot out, said he assumes the awana leaders will help out with parking. Pam Hutcheson said it starts at 12pm. Annette Knapp asked if Trek and Journey could help direct traffic, and wear the orange vests.
Lyle Jones asked Jeff Chorpening about insurance for a bus and a van, and Jeff Chorpening said that $1100 for a bus, $1800 for a van. Pastor Marc asked Scott Fahrer to get two or three options on bus/van for the church to vote on.


Carol Firestone wanted to talk about Papa Johns selling pizza in the packing lot of the church. Didn't think it 
was a good idea to sell it and eat in the parking lot. Bradley Davis said he didn't hear back from them, Scott Fahrer said he talk to the owner and the two owners split and don't have the trailer any more. Bradley Davis said then it wouldn't work for Papa Johns to come to the church. Carol Firestone wants to vote no on Papa John's, and just sell out of the shack. Pastor Marc said we will sell pizza in the shack. Pam Hutcheson, Lyle & Cheryl Jones will get the pizza stuff together. 
George Fields brought forth a photo album of the church.  It was given to George Fields from a former pastor & wife, Don & Donna Turner. It was a long time back, and talked about the history of the church.
Carol Firestone said the kitchen needs a plumber, the sink has a leak and the faucet leaks too. Pastor Marc said with Lyle Jones being the trustee he will check it out.
Michele Chorpening has been checking on different fund raisers for the church. One of the fund raisers is the Co-mo cares up to a $1000 and wanted the permission to proceed on investigating on the grant money. Motion was made by Dyan Dunsworth, and seconded Hazel Stewart. Voted and accepted. Michele Chorpening said we have to be specific on what we want the money for, for instance a van. Motion was made by Karen Moore to pursue, seconded by Lyle Jones. Voted and accepted. Second fund raiser is doing Spinners, or Cards 330 of them makes $2700. Floy Beard is against the idea. Karen Moore said it takes money and if we don't make the money we lose it. Bradley Davis asked if we have to solicit it, Michele Chorpening said no, they do. We would pay $7.50 and sell them for $15. George Fields said he would not be for them either.
Lyle Jones asked if Scott and Christy Fahrer are still taking the RV to Louisiana for the mission trip, and Scott Fahrer said yes. 
Karen Moore made the motion to adjourn, and seconded by Bradley Davis.         

Christy Fahrer

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