Business minutes for June 2014

Business Minutes for June 8th, 2014

There were 21 members present.
Pastor Marc read the church covenant and constitution, then opened us with the Lord's prayer.
Dorothy Dille mentions there was a report in the Evangelism and Missions that did not get in the minutes, that will be added in for Junes. Carol Firestone made the motion to accept the minutes and the treasures report, seconded by Bradley Davis. Voted and passed.
Baptism: none for May - Bradley & Lacy Davis
Evangelism & Missions: The missions and evangelism committee met in May. The meeting was opened in prayer by Lyle Jones. We discussed the upcoming trip to Poydras, LA. We agreed to continue planning for the trip and made the decision to go the last week in August. We discussed a ball park figure for gas and food and it looks very affordable for this trip. We will announce the dates in church on Sundays and see how many are being called to this ministry. We will be doing back yard Bible clubs, prayer walking, witnessing, and we also need some carpenters to do some work on one of the deacon's house. The meeting closed in prayer by Glenn Dille.
A meeting was called for all of the people interested in going to Poydras and 15 members were interested with 10 coming to the meeting. The meeting was opened with prayer by Pastor Marc. We discussed travel arrangements and cost. We asked the church members to donate some items: the main one being bottles of drinking water. We will need 15 cases for the week. If there is someone who has a heart for missions but can't make the trip we will be very grateful for any monetary help available.
We also discussed getting enough men with carpenter skills to help with the deacon's house. Since the meeting I have had some men say they will pray about it and would like to go. I will also talk to Pastor John Galey about what tools if any that we will need to take. We will also be doing some cleaning up around the area. The meeting was closed in prayer by Lyle Jones. There is still room for more help. If God is tugging at your heart to make this trip please contact Pastor Marc or me (Dorothy). - Dorothy Dille
Floral & Decorations: Mother's Day Carnations - Carol Firestone
Historian: no activity - Carol Firestone
Sunday School: May total members 378
                                     visitors  19
     total attendance 218             
 averages total members  95 
     visitors    5 
 members  50      
total attendance  55        
Fellowship: had a fellowship dinner - Karen Moore
Constitution & Bylaws: the committee had no meetings in May. There will be a second reading of a bylaw addition in old business. - John Stewart
Deacon: the deacons met for 4 Sunday morning prayers and had a regular Deacon meeting in May. We also met on 4 Tuesday mornings at 6:30 am for share and prayer time. - John Stewart
Visitation: none for May - Dorothy Dille
Nursery: there were 4 Sundays in May, had 9 kids in May, average 2.25 -  Hazel Stewart
Music: for the month of May, the music committee participated in 4 Sunday services, we had no specials but the music is always special at 1st friendly we had as many practices as our schedule permitted and we all love the Lord and hope that it shows. - Jeff Chorpening
Telephone: no report - Millie Bebermeyer
Media: no activity - Michele Chorpening
Awana: 5/7 Kids 88  Adults 48  Total Attendance 136
   5/14 no Awana
   5/21 no Awana
   5/28 no Awana  - Michele Chorpening
Bradley Davis talked to Papa Johns and is interested in doing the mobile pizza and what give the church a percent of the donations made.
John Stewart made a motion for the proposed amendment to the church's bylaws concerning marriage ceremonies conducted at our church. It shall be placed under Article 111 of the Constitution and Bylaws, seconded by Glenn Dille. Voted and passed.
Pastor Marc mentions the painting was done on the front to the church. Also we took up a love offering for Audrey's mom, and we will give that to her.
Tangelina  Rockley asked about the Sunlight Christian Church, and Pastor Marc said they are selling fireworks, and then going to put off a big fireworks display, fun, food fellowship, hand out water and tracks. The Church is located on old 5 in Camdenton. 
Michele Chorpening asked about the prices for a bus or van. Scott Fahrer said $6,000 with high mileage or $12,000 with 80,000 miles, for vans at the auction a newer used is cheaper and older one is about the same because they don't loose their value. 
Floy Beard asked about the price difference for insurance between a bus and a van. Carol Firestone said last she knew a van is higher than a bus. Scott Fahrer mentions that we do need more room to fit more kids in. John Stewart said the gas caps was missing off buses. 
John Stewart asked Scott Fahrer if it was ok to charge an amount for parking at the church. Scott Fahrer said it was ok as long its no more than $10. We discussed about putting up a sign for liability purposes. Scott Fahrer made the motion to charge $10 for parking during the boat show, seconded by Dorothy Dille. The shoot- out is August 20th, and we will need people to help out. Voted and passed.
Floy Beard mentions the MO Children Baptist Foundations 3% goes to it, the cooperative program goes to the children's home and we should raise it to 5%.Pastor Marc said it would be nice to have a break down. John Stewart said it would be nice to have the facts.
John Stewart made a motion to send the Pastor and his wife to the Pastor Retreat in Branson, its September 25th-27th, and need to book it as soon as possible, because there is limited seating, seconded by Glenn Dille. Voted and passed.
Michele Chorpening mentions the Christian Business Expo December 18th at the school. Bradley Davis asked about the amount and Michele Chorpening said it didn't say the amount. Assembly of God in the mall is having a sing on July 5th. Grandma Jones (Michele Chorpening’s grandma) wants to have a church directory. Pastor Marc said we have one she could have.
Michele Chorpening asked if she could go to a conference for Awana's as Commander in Branson July 17th, 18th, & 19th, and it costs $299. Annette Knapp made the motion to use the Awana fund for her to go.
The Clerk, Christy Fahrer, read a letter from Bob & Millie Bebermeyer resigning from their committees, and returned their keys to the church. Also transferring Scott, Tina and Carol McCormack's membership to another church.
Karen Moore went over the committees and the positions that need filled. Youth, Budget and Finance, Telephone, Kitchen, Sound room. Carol Firestone said Dennis Firestone needed help in the sound room. Karen Moore said that Travis Delp would like to help out, and Scott Fahrer said he could help. Pastor Marc said that Sunday nights would be the best practice time. 
The Clerk, Christy Fahrer made a motion to send the letter to transfer membership for Scott, Tina & Carol McCormack, Seconded by John Stewart. Voted and passed. John Stewart made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Scott Fahrer.                                                                                                                                                               

Christy Fahrer

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