Business minutes for March 2014
Business Minutes for March 9th, 2014

There were 23 members present. Pastor Marc read John 21:15-17, and opened in prayer.
Pam Hutcheson made the motion to accept the minutes as written, and seconded by Richard Hackathorn. In the minutes there was a correction made on the amount for the youth camp changed to $125 instead of $25. Accepted as written, and passed.
Scott Fahrer made the motion to accept the Treasurers report, and seconded by Hazel Stewart. Pam Hutcheson was making sure that everyone understands the Treasures report and was explaining the balances in the budget account. Jeff Chorpening said we need to clarify the numbers better so we can understand clearly. Discussion on the Ministry budget we are spending too much money on snacks for Sunday School. Voted and passed.
Pastor Marc mentions that Bingo is next Tuesday and Floy Beard will not be able to help Jay Cardenas. The snacks come out of the kitchen supplies for the people at Knolls.
Committee Reports:
Nominating: no activity for February. At the January meeting a new committee was formed, Chairperson; Lacy Davis, Tangelina Rockley, Karen Moore, Travis Delp, and Doug Riggs. Carol Firestone
Floral & Decorations: no activity for February.  Carol Firestone
Historian: I have the history books caught up to February, 2014. If anyone has anything to share to put in the book, please let me know. Carol Firestone
Fellowship: Feb 13th, the church hosted a Valentine Banquet at Canon Smoked barbecue, (The Stables). We had 30 in attendance and Wendy Warner was the entertainment for the evening. It was a good time for everyone that attended.
Feb 9th, we surprised Scott Fahrer with a 40th Birthday party. 
Feb 16th, we had a fellowship dinner after morning worship. Karen Moore
Constitution and Bylaws: the committee had no business and did not meet in February. 
The research is still being done on if and how our constitution and bylaws should be updated or reorganized, to include the growing influx of documentation needed to protect our church, and from legal actions, from an ever growing legalistic world. John Stewart
Deacons: the deacons met for 4 Sunday morning prayers and had a regular deacons meeting in February. We also met 4 Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time. We are addressing some financial needs of those who contact us. Lots of prayer is being sent up in intersession for physical and spiritual needs.
We are trying to be aware of issues and opportunities that come up in the church. If you have a need or see a need, share with one of us so we can address those needs. John Stewart
Annette Knapp mentions that the deacons wives are awesome and we can have them pray for you too.
Baptism: no baptisms for the month of February. Bradley & Lacy Davis
Evangelism & Missions: We discussed having a 24 hr prayer vigil during the week before Easter. Our proposal is to start right after the Maundy Thursday service April17th which will be from 6 to 7 p.m. We will begin the prayer vigil at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to 7:30p.m. Good Friday with one person reading while a second person prays and halfway through reading trading off. 
Our goal is to praise God with speaking His word and praying for His blessing on His people. 
We are also proposing Sat. April 12 & 19 as days to hand out door knockers. We need several vans to unload people in different areas of Laurie to knock on doors and invite people to Easter services or to leave door knockers if no one is available to talk to. If you have a van or suv contact Dorothy Dille at 372-5251 to help. We will have designated areas planned by April 1st.
A missions trip was also discussed and will be announced at a later date. Pray for us as we seek God's leadership. Dorothy Dille
Visitation: the visitation committee also met Friday Feb. 28th
We feel a need for our church to fellowship with one another and get to know one another so our proposal is to start families fellowship groups. To get started our deacons will be the first hosts and they will contact their deacons families to plan togethers once a month for the first 3 months. Then we will have new hosts and groups and continue every 3 months so everyone can get to know each other outside of just church services.
We also discussed following up on new visitors. Glenn Dille suggested that we visit each new person or family on Monday following their Sunday visit.
We would like any help we can get on this. We have quite back up of visitors to contact. It is a wonderful way to present ourselves and our commitment to God to people who are looking for a believing family of christians to connect with. If you would like to be a part of this outreach mission please contact Dorothy at 372-5251. If you want to go and haven't done visitation before we will go with you and you will grow to love this way of serving our Lord.
We also believe we need to start a visitation program for our homebound or shut-ins. This would involve taking The Lord's Supper to them when they can't get to church. It also would involve a visit that would include lunch with all of the food and service provided. A small group would do this and just spend some time with time and when we leave we take everything back with us so they don't have to do anything but enjoy the fellowship. We have quite a few people who would benefit from this so again contact Dorothy to join this program. Dorothy Dille
Nursery: there 4 Sundays: total 8 kids: average of 2 kids each Sunday. Hazel Stewart
Kitchen: no report. Millie Bebermeyer
Telephone: 9 calls for February. Millie Bebermeyer
Music: the worship team played 3 Sundays seeking the Lords direction to minister to our congregation and visitors, our hope is that The Lord always receives the honor and glory. 
Jeff Chorpening
Media: Feb 5th, notified Spirit FM and KS-95 to announce no Awana due to weather.
Feb 6th, emailed information about Awana ham and bean dinner to take place on Feb 22nd, Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS-95, Spirit FM, and West Lake Chamber.
Feb 14th, emailed information again to have Awana ham and bean dinner advertised for two weeks Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside Star, Bott Radio, KS-95, Spirit FM, and West Lake Chamber. Michele Chorpening
Audio: no report
Budget Committee: 2 meetings were held in Feb, on the 18th and 25th. Those in attendance were Scott Fahrer, Pastor Marc, Lyle Jones, Carol Firestone, and Pam Hutcheson. The purpose of the meetings was to review and adjust the budget to reflect the decrease in Tithes and Offerings during the 2013-2014 fiscal year. A new budget was agreed upon to present to the church members. I want to thank everyone on the committee for their prayers and effort. 
Pam Hutcheson
Usher:Feb 2  65 attendance  2 visitors 
  Feb 9    93 attendance  4 visitors
  Feb 16  93 attendance  4 visitors
  Feb 23  73 attendance  3 visitors
  No totals for Evening Service
Sunday School:no report
Awana:Feb 5th no Awana, canceled due to bad weather
    Feb 12th  90 Kids  39 Adults  129 Attendance
    Feb 19th  85 Kids  32 Adults  118 Attendance
    Feb 26th  83 Kids  33 Adults  116 Attendance
Pastor Marc mentions the marriage policy, and do we want to add it to the Bylaws or the Constitution. The lawyer said it should be added to the Constitution. The marriage policy needs to be read that was made by the lawyer. John Stewart said we need to decide if we want to add it to the Constitution or Bylaws. Scott Fahrer made a motion to attach the marriage contract to the marriage ceremony. John Stewart said that we need to revote it to the Constitution. Pastor Marc mentions if we could keep them put together. Bradley Davis said the couple should get the two documents together. Pastor Marc said we should make more copies so everyone could read it. Tabled till next month.
Dorothy Dille mentions from a prior church, had put groups together to get together and have fellowship. the church would get 3 families and switch so we can get to know each other, and explained it. Pastor Marc asked Dorothy Dille and Karen Moore to together and plan it.
Dorothy Dille made a motion to do the Maundy Thursday and Friday the 24 hr prayer, and seconded by John Stewart, voted and passed.
Pastor Marc asked if we want to amend the budget and try and reduce it. Pam Hutcheson was going over the budget with everyone. Pastor Marc said that Awana's was self sufficient. Jeff Chorpening said we need to increase the deacon fund a little bit. It would be helpful and make sure it is in the fund every month. Have it available to help out and total amount for Community for Christ. Carol Firestone said that Community for Christ helps out several families and utilities. Pam Hutcheson said it will be this way for a little while till we can get the surplus built back up. 
Bradley Davis asked what was the plan to get the utilities down. Scott Fahrer talked about putting in programmable thermostats in so they can be programed, to regulate temperatures when needed, and the other would be to change out some of the older systems and up grade into newer equipment. Pastor Marc said for starters changing to the programmable stats. to help regulate the temps when needed. Motion was made to accept the percents on the Budget voted and passed. John Stewart said we need to vote again in 3 months.
Pam Hutcheson asked about upgrading the secretary's computer and the laptop power church program for accounting to make it easier. Bradley Davis asked if they have support groups if needed and Pam Hutcheson said yes there is. Lyle Jones made the motion to upgrade the program for $129 and was seconded by Dyan Dunsworth, voted and passed.
Pastor Marc said we need to decide if we want to upgrade the computer not the monitor. John Stewart will talk to the guy that is working on his computer, and ask about an upgrade on the computer. Carol Firestone said the laptop is old and security is not there like it should be, but we don't get on the internet with it. Dyan Dunsworth uses the credit card for the church so the computer is more vulnerable.
Scott Fahrer made the motion to adjourn.

Christy Fahrer
  July 2021  
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