Business Minutes Jan 2015


Business Minutes for January 11, 2015

There were 12 members present.
Pastor Marc read in Philippians 3:12-16.


Richard Hackathorn made the motion to accept the minutes and treasures report, Hazel Stewart seconded it. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Budget & Finance: no report. Pam Hutcheson

Nominating: we need to nominate new people in February. Karen Moore

Fellowship: no report. Karen Moore

Constitution & Bylaws: the committee had no business and did not meet in December. John Stewart

Deacons: the deacons met on 4 Sunday morning prayers and had a regular deacon's meeting in December, we also met on 4 Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time, we also need prayer as they arise, both from members and those outside the church needing a helping hand. John Stewart

Baptism: none to report. Bradley Davis

Kitchen: no report. Doug Riggs

Sunday School: no report. Carol Firestone

Floral: no report. Carol Firestone

Historian: no report. Carol Firestone

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, total of 10 kids, average of 2 kids each Sunday. Hazel Stewart.

Audio: no report.

Telephone: 4or 5 calls. Dyan Dunsworth.

Music: no report. Karen Moore

Media: no activity to report. Michele Chorpening

Awana: 12/3 Kids 87, Adults 35, Total Attendance 122
12/10 Kids 88, Adults 31, Total Attendance 119
12/17 Kids 76, Adults 34, Total Attendance 110
12/24 no Awana


Evangelism & Missions: no report. Dorothy Dille

Visitation: no report. Dorothy Dille

Trustee: no report. Jim Clary

Usher: report for next month. Jay Cardenas

Old Business:
Bradley Davis asked if we have heard anything on the shack, Pastor said no, we are just waiting for the shack to sell.


New Business:
Jeff Chorpening said instead of putting anymore money in Bus #3,   Frank the owner of Papa Chubby's, he would like to buy Bus #3. Jeff Chorpening made a motion to sell it to Frank for $500. Richard Hackathorn seconded it. Voted and passed.


John Stewart said the committee chairs need to have a meeting. Pastor Marc said set a date for it. John Stewart said the chair person on the committees don't know their jobs or what they need to do. February 8th after church fellowship dinner.

Pastor Marc we need to replace the back projector, Jenny Riggs asked what it was going to cost to be replaced. Pastor Marc said around $1,500. John Stewart made the motion to check on a new projector. Jeff Chorpening seconded it. Jeff Chorpening said we shouldn't go to expensive, just in case of any damage like the last time we had a problem with one of the other projectors. Pastor Marc said there was a $300 one we could check into. Jenny Riggs is going do the research on the projectors.
Pastor Marc asked if we want to take up a love offering for the projector. Everyone one thought it was a good idea. Jeff Chorpening made a motion that we will take up a love offering for the projector, Richard Hackathorn seconded it.


Pastor Marc said on January 25th we are having no church, there will be a Evangelist speaker David Ring, speaking at First Baptist Church in Versailles at 6 pm, if our church would like to attend that. Voted and passed.

Hazel Stewart asked about replacing the carpet in the church. Pastor Marc said we would probably start upstairs first, before the downstairs.

Pastor Marc said on February 5th in Springfield there is a Evangelist Conference, wanted to ask if the church would pay for a hotel stay. Bradley Davis made a motion for Pastor Marc to stay in a hotel, Hazel Stewart seconded. Pastor Marc asked if he should get a church check or credit card. Bradley Davis said it would be easier to use the credit card. Pastor Marc will use the credit card for the hotel stay. Voted and passed.

John Steward made a motion to adjourn, Richard Hackathorn seconded it.

Richard Hackathorn closed us in prayer.

Christy Fahrer

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