Business minutes June 2015

Business Minutes for June 14th, 2015

There were 15 members present.


Pastor Marc read Psalm 107. 

Darren Locke opened in prayer.

Jeff Chorpening made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Karen Moore. Voted and passed.

Pam Hutcheson made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, We could not meet for the budget as planned, so we won't vote on the budget this time, will meet next month. Voted and passed.  

Committee Reports:

Nominating: the committees have their chair person. Karen Moore


Fellowship: May 3rd Joey Knapp Graduation, May 13th we had a Minute to Win It Awana function, May 17th Fellowship Dinner. Karen Moore  

Deacon: the deacons met for five Sunday morning prayers and had a regular deacon's meeting in May. We also met on four Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time. John Stewart

Constitution & Bylaws: there were no new proposals to consider and the committee did not meet. John Stewart

Kitchen: fellowship dinner May 17th. Carol Firestone

Sunday School: 5 weeks in May, 446 Enrolled- Average 90, 25 Visitors-Average 5, Members present 255-Average 51, 280 Total Attendance-Average 56. Carol Firestone

Floral: ordered Carnations for Mother's Day, changed flowers in the front of the church. Floy Beard sent 3 cards. Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity. Carol Firestone

Nursery: there were 5 Sundays, total of 12 kids, average of 2.4 kids. Hazel Stewart

Telephone: 6 calls were made. Dyan Dunsworth

Music: there were 5 Sundays in May, we had no specials, we had praise and worship each and every Sunday. Karen Moore


Media: there is no activity to report, Michele Chorpening

Awana: 05/6 Kids 71, Adults 27, Total Attendance 98 Clubber Awards
05/13 Kids 10, Adults 26, Total Attendance 36 Leader Awards, Michele Chorpening


Baptism: no report

Usher: no report

Evangelism & Missions: went to Louisiana on a missions trip

Visitation: no report

Trustee: nothing to report, Jim Clary

Youth: no report

Old Business: 

Pastor Marc mentions that he will get the paint sprayer from Carol Firestone’s house, the Shack needs the old paint scraped off so it can be repainted.


Pam Hutcheson discussed the CoMo Connect, it will be a $150 sign up fee, fiber line and hook-up fee. 50 megabyte $39.95, 100 megabyte $49.95, 250 megabyte $59.95 1000 megabyte $99.95.
Pastor Marc asked after the sign up fee, what is the price, and Pam Hutcheson mentioned the prices, for the 100 megabytes it will be $49.95. The internet with Lexar is $25 a month, AT&T phone line is $35 for 1 line & $5.95 for a distinctive line. CoMo Connect phone is $49.95 & $6 for a distinctive line, and is more with the bundle. Pastor Marc asked Pam Hutcheson to shut off the second, and she said she would on Monday, and stay with the phone and internet companies for now.


 Pam Hutcheson said the gas bill is a few months behind and we don't get hit with interest. Pastor Marc asked if still have a unit with gas. Jeff Chorpening said yes we do and the hot water heater is electric.

New Business:

Pastor Marc mentioned Nick Choate being a Trustee and is moving to Alaska, Richard Hackathorn will take over his position for Trustee.


Pastor Marc mentioned a devotional called Our Daily Bread for the kids, its a sample addition. Vickie Locke said her granddaughter would like it. Pastor Marc said its quarterly booklet. Talked about a donation of $25, we can take donations, its a ministry for the kids to grow in their faith, we could get 10 this time and see if we want to continue with them. Karen Moore said its a great ministry, but the kids will just pick them up. Darren Locke made the motion to order the devotions, and will pay the $25 for them.

Richard Hackathorn seconded it. Voted and passed. Pastor Marc asked Dyan Dunsworth to order them.

Pastor Marc mentioned a Pastor Convention Retreat in Branson for the Pastor and Wife called a Ministers Juggling Act, it will cost $300. Jeff Chorpening made the motion to allow the pastor and his wife to go to the retreat, seconded by Darren Locke. Voted and passed. Pastor Marc asked Dyan Dunsworth to make the reservations.

John Stewart asked Pastor Marc if we was changing the Wednesday night prayer meeting time from 7:00pm to 6:00pm. June Hackathorn made the motion to move the time, seconded by Pam Hutcheson. Voted and passed.                      

Jeff Chorpening mentioned the account, it ended up a greater amount in the beginning of the month, PRAISE TO THE LORD! 

Vickie Locke asked if the newer van coming yet, and do we need more fund raisers for it,  and Pastor Marc said there was one in Gravois Mills for a $1000 but then it was gone, and then it was back but no for sale sign on it.

Floy Beard asked where was we on the money for camp, Carol Firestone said $1127 showing in the treasurer’s report. Pastor Marc said there was the golf tournament and adopt a leader. Carol Firestone said the money is in the youth fund, and we send it off. Pastor Marc said the money goes to the Association. Annette Knapp mentioned if the church want to sponsor a child that is active in church but was not at the silent auction, the parents could afford for one to go but not both children. Pastor Marc said yes we will support them.      

Jeff Chorpening made a motion to adjourn, seconded by June Hackathorn.


Pastor Marc closed in prayer.


Christy Fahrer

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