Business minutes March 2015

Business Minutes for March 8th, 2015

There were 21 members present.

Pastor Marc read  Psalm 100, and opened us in prayer.
Carol Firestone made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Richard Hackathorn. Voted and passed.

Minutes that needed to be corrected from last month, where Pam Hutcheson said we have seen the account so low. Added to the minutes is, Pastor Marc said that we are very generous in our giving. Voted and passed.

Pam Hutcheson mentioned the treasures report that there was an amount in the youth acct. that was corrected to $1709.13. When we banked at Bank of Versailles and transferred to Central Bank in 2011, there was overage of $3204.61 had put it in the emergency reserve. Dyan Dunsworth made motion to accept treasurer’s report as submitted, seconded by Cheryl Jones. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Nominating: Feb. 8th first meeting, Feb. 11th Second meeting, Pastor Marc passed out spiritual gifts inventory waiting to see those before approaching anyone else. Pray for the positions to be filled. Karen Moore

Fellowship: Feb. 1st Super Bowl party & game night. Feb. 14th youth dinner for Valentines Day, youth cooked & served made $315. Feb. 15th fellowship dinner. Karen Moore

Deacon: the deacons met for 4 Sunday morning prayers and had a regular deacons meeting in Feb. We also met on 4 Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time. John Stewart

Constitution & Bylaws: because of the chairman’s procrastination the committee did not meet in Feb. John Stewart

Baptism: none to report in Feb., Bradley Davis

Kitchen: no report. Doug Riggs

Sunday School: 350 members, 216 members present, 10 visitors, average enrolled 85, average visitors 3, average members 54, average total 57. Carol Firestone

Floral: no activity, Floy Beard sent 12 cards, Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, total of 12 kids, average of 3 kids each Sunday, Hazel Stewart

Audio: no report

Telephone: 8 calls, Dyan Dunsworth

Music: we led worship in 4 Sunday services, 1 special was sung, we thank our congregation for their prayers and wish to give God the praise & glory for all that we do, Jeff Chorpening

Media: no activity, Michele Chorpening

Awana: 2/4 no awana due to cold weather
  2/11 Kids 83, Adults 31, Total Attendance 114
  2/18 no awana due to cold weather
  2/25 Kids 85, Adults 32, Total Attendance 117

Usher: there were 5 Sundays in March, 1st Sunday cancelled due to weather, average of 85 people in attendance,  Jay Cardenas

Evangelism & Missions: the committee met briefly after church Sunday March 8th, to get a count of how many would be going to New Orleans & to answer a few questions. A total of 15 positives & 3 hopefuls, was the count. Questions were: cost $150 per person to cover gas and meals.

Agenda: Monday Block party to get names & addresses for Poydras Baptist to follow up on.
Tuesday French Quarter to take a lunch and bring a lunch.
Wednesday: missions under the bridge, make meals for them.
Thursday: women working in the food kitchen, men clean up work
Friday: coming home
We have spoken with Pastor Galey in Poydras, Pastor Tom in New Orleans, they both excited for us to come and are getting things set up for us. Things we need: games we can play, finances to buy water, lunchmeat for the lunches that we will provide when we get there, prayer starting now and continue to pray for us as we plan & carry out this mission. Dorothy Dille

Visitation: no report, Dorothy Dille

Trustee: no report, Jim Clary

Youth: Feb. the youth had one Sunday evening meeting, the youth also served dinner on Valentine's Day to raise money for youth functions. Gerrit Rockley

June Hackathorn made the motion to accept the committee reports, seconded by Pam Hutcheson. Voted and passed.

Old Business:

Jeff Chorpening has talked to Frank from Papa Chubbies, and still waiting for him to buy the bus.
Carol Firestone asked about the projector. Jeff & Michele Chorpening said that they haven't looked in the shed yet.
Carol Firestone said that she was given $20 for chicken for the fellowship dinner, Carol Firestone is giving $20 and Dorothy Dille is also giving $20.

New Business:
Pastor Marc mentioned the Lamine Baptist Association to sponsor a hole for the golf tournament in Versailles Rolling Hills Golf course on May 14th. Its $50 a hole, raising money for the kids to go to camp. If you want to sponsor a team let Pastor Marc know.

Karen Moore said we will do the Youth Auction-Off again this year.

Carol Firestone asked if the kitchen crew knew if we were doing the Sunrise Service Breakfast, Pastor Marc said probably not, so let them know.

June Hackathorn made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Cheryl Jones.
The meeting was closed in prayer.

Christy Fahrer

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