Business Minutes May 2014

                                            Business Minutes for May 18th, 2014

There were 20 members present.
Pastor Marc read in Ephesians 3:7-21, and opened in prayer.
Scott Fahrer made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Hazel Stewart. Voted and passed.
Carol Firestone made the motion to accept the treasures report, and seconded by Bradley Davis. Voted and passed.
Committee Reports:
Floral Decorations: no activity - Carol Firestone
Historian: no activity - Carol Firestone
Sunday School: 23 visitors and 238 members, total attendance 261 - Carol Firestone
Fellowship: We had Maundy Thursday Service, Good Friday Service, 24 hr Prayer Vigil, Sunrise Service, Easter Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, and Easter Service. - Karen Moore
Constitution & Bylaws: The committee met twice in April. The first proposal is the addition to the Constitution, concerning our stand on biblical marriage, which had a first reading last month and will have a second reading and vote tonight in old business.
The second proposal is an addition to the bylaws to include weddings. That will be covered in new business. The committee also reviewed the marriage ceremony agreement which Pastor Marc presented last year and will bring that up under new business. - John Stewart
Deacon: The deacons met for four Sunday morning prayers and had a regular deacon's meeting in April. We also met on four Tuesday mornings at 6:30 am for share and prayer time. - John Stewart
Baptism: none for April. - Bradley & Lacy Davis
Evangelism & Missions: no report - Dorothy Dille
Visitation: no report - Dorothy Dille
Nursery: There were four Sundays, Total of13 kids
Average of 3.25 kids each Sunday  - Hazel Stewart
Kitchen: 75 for the Fellowship dinner - Millie Bebermeyer
Telephone: 15 Prayer calls - Millie Bebermeyer
Music: We had four Sundays in April, we practiced when we could and our hope is the worship team will glorify the Father in all that we say and do. -  Jeff Chorpening
Media: there was no media for the month of April. - Michele Chorpening
Awana: 4/2  Kids 100,  Adults 35,  Total in Attendance 123
            4/9  Kids  99,    Adults 39,  Total in Attendance 139
            4/16  Kids  88,    Adults 36,  Total in Attendance 125
            4/23  Kids  90,    Adults 36,  Total in Attendance 127
            4/30  Kids  88,    Adults 34,  Total in Attendance 125
Usher:  average of 89.5 with average of 3.5 visitors
John Stewart brought up the reading on Biblical Marriage from last month, that everyone got to read. He wanted to make the motion to amend the it to the marriage ceremony to the constitution and bylaws, it was seconded by Karen Moore. Voted and passed.
Carol Firestone wanted to know when we are going get the shack painted, Scott Fahrer has a sprayer and is going to get the paint ready.
John Stewart the ram has been bought, installed and upgraded to 2G of memory and files are being consolidated. Backup had been done two different ways for redundancy. Hard copies of programs are being located for reloading after the upgrade. The upgrade for XP to Windows 7 has been located and ready. I want to make sure the PowerChurch data is saved correctly. We are just about to the point of doing it. Pam Hutcheson said the PowerChurch down load the servers.
Pastor Marc asked about the donation of the used unit (heat pump) and need to decide on if we need  to purchase a air handler for it. Scott Fahrer said we have saving units but they are not a gas unit. Carol Firestone mentioned the maintenance and reserve fund, that we have the money to purchase the unit for the $800. Scott Fahrer said we can probably install it this week. John Stewart asked about the 95% gas furnace and the outside heat pump, and Scott Fahrer explained the efficiency of the units.
Bradley Davis mentions about charging people to park at our church. The boat show is August 20th in the park for the shoot out. There some places that charge $10 to park and people willing to pay that. There are churches that charge $5 to park, and there are going to be lost of people going to park on our church grass anyways. Karen Moore made a motion for the parking, and was seconded by Lyle Jones. Tabled till next month for the cost.
Bradley Davis asked if we are going to have the shack open for the shoot out. Talked to Papa Johns and they said they will set up at our church, and they will make a donation to the church. Pam Hutcheson said we should have the shack open, because if we don't use our shack, we should just sell it. John Stewart said to Carol Firestone, Pam Hutcheson, and Bradley Davis to check out all the info with the shack and with Papa Johns and give the information next month.
Dorothy Dille thought for the youth group that we should have a sign in sheet for things that could be done around the house and a amount to donate the money towards camp. We also could have an Auction off the kids for their talents and then that money goes towards camp too. Carol Firestone mentions we needed maintenance for the front where the bushes got taken out, it needs painted. Pastor Marc said it will get painted.
Jeff Chorpening mentions the Awana bus, we need the transportation and bus #3 is in bad shape and needs to be replaced, and asked about a 15 passenger van. Carol Firestone said when Dennis Firestone was checking on Insurance, the passenger vans was higher than a bus. Pastor Marc asked Scott Fahrer to check prices on a van or bus at the auctions.
John Stewart went over the the proposed amendment to the church bylaws of the marriage ceremonies, this is a reused version. John Stewart made the motion to attach the wedding ceremony to the policy, and seconded by Jeff Chorpening. Carol Firestone asked where the policy be kept at, and Pastor Marc said in the Office with Dyan Dunsworth. Voted and Passed.
Karen Moore went over the committees and Scott Fahrer as a Trustee, his time is up, and looking for another one. Gerrit Rockley has 2 yrs and Lyle Jones has yr. Carol Firestone going to be the chair person for the Sunday School, need someone for the Youth. Pastor Marc said if Karen wants to make a motion to vote this chair person in the committee. Voted and passed.
Karen will give a copy of the committees in June.
Pam Hutcheson mentions they were going to start the VBS daily prayer chain. Pam Hutcheson said she will start the prayer with someone and then continue with the next person.
Karen Moore makes the motion for Jay Cardenas to start for the Usher position, and was seconded by John Stewart. Voted and passed.
Pam Hutcheson went over the budget and will start the new report on July 1st. We have accepted the budget for the coming year.
John Stewart mentions that we should have a refresher course of the job descriptions on the second Sunday June 8th.
Pastor Marc mentioned that Audrey Shoemaker asked if we could do a fund raiser, like a cookie in a jar, the ingredients for the cookies are in the jar, or take a love offering for her mom Retha, to help with doctor bills. Pastor Marc asked the deacons if they could remind him to take up the love offering.
Pastor Marc asked if we would like to participate with the Sunlight Christian Fellowship for the 4th of July to help, serve and fellowship.
John Stewart said in May we have to open for the deacon nomination, and there are none at this time.
The church received a notice from Scott and Tina McCormack resigned their membership from the church, as Scott McCormack accepted as Pastor for a church.
Hazel Stewart made the motion to adjourn and was seconded by Jay Cardenas.

Christy Fahrer

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