Business minutes May 2015

Business Minutes for May 17th, 2015

There were 16 members present.


Pastor Marc read Psalm 82 and opened in prayer.

June Hackathorn made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Dorothy Dille. Richard Hackathorn made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Shawna Ketcham. Voted and passed.

Pastor Marc asked a question on the internet and gas bill, there is no bill showing. Pam Hutcheson said $299 a year for the internet and website, its $24 a month for each of them. The gas minimum is $15.75. Those bills are always paid by credit card.


Pastor Marc asked Pam Hutheson to check into CO-MO Connect. Pam Hutcheson said she would like to remove the second line for the fax since we don't use that line. Its $89.76 for the phones. Jeff Chorpening said do a bundle with CO-MO Connect. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Nominating: Karen Moore discussed the committee chair persons.  Dorothy Dille made the motion to accept the committee chair persons, seconded by June Hackathorn. Voted and passed.


Fellowship: April 2nd we had Seder dinner led by Pastor Marc
April 5th was Easter Sunday, there was a Sunrise Service, Breakfast, Easter Egg hunt, and Easter Worship. Karen Moore


April 10th some of the ladies of the church went to a Women's Conference at Windemere called "Pure Joy". Sandy Gumm created the Conference and there were 6 ladies from our church attended.

April17th Trivia Night, a fund raiser for Awanas, it was a success and many people in the church and many outside the church attended.

In April Michele Chorpening started a ladies bible study on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. We are averaging 15 in attendance.

Dorothy Dille has started a mentoring program with the women. !st meeting was at 5:00 pm on Tuesday April 14th. Karen Moore

Deacons: the deacons met for 4 Sunday morning prayers but did not have a regular deacons meeting in April. We also met on 4 Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time. John Stewart

Constitution & Bylaws: the first reading of the proposed changes concerning the Awana Kid's Club and Children's Church committees was done at the last month's business meeting. The second reading and motion will be done in new business. There was no other new business. John Stewart

Kitchen: April 5th Sunrise Breakfast
April 19th Fellowship Dinner
April 30th a Dinner after Ap Dwyer’s Funeral, Carol Firestone


Sunday School: Total Enrolled for 4 weeks 352 an average of 88, Visitors 28 an average 7, Carol Firestone

Floral: plant for Ap Dwyer’sFuneral, Floy Beard sent 7 Cards, Carol Firestone

History: no activity, Carol Firestone

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays total of kids 8, average of each Sunday 2, Hazel Stewart

Telephone: there were 4 calls, Dyan Dunsworth

Music: there were 4 Sundays 1 special by Karen Moore, we practiced when we were able, our prayer is that we get out of the way and let the Lord have all the glory in all we do and say, Jeff Chorpening

Media: in the week of April 13th Trivia Challenge was listed in the West Side Chamber email blast, Michele Chorpening

Awana: 4/1 Kids 72, Adults 29, Total Attendance 101
4/8 Kids 90, Adults 27, Total Attendance 117
4/15 Kids 59, Adults 31, Total Attendance 90
4/22 Kids 76, Adults 29, Total Attendance 105
4/29 Kids 81, Adults 33, Total Attendance 114, Michele Chorpening


Baptism: there have been no baptisms in the month of April, Nick & April Choate will be our committee members next fiscal year, Bradley & Lacy Davis

Usher: no report

Evangelism & Missions: met twice in April, and had a 5th Sunday Mission Study on Louisiana, Dorothy Dille

Visitation: There were 6 visits and 1 call for the month of April, Dorothy Dille

Trustee: no report

Youth: no report


Old Business:
None to report at this time.

New Business:

Carol Firestone said there is a skinny pipe that does not look like its connected on the side of the church. John Stewart said it might be the guider drain.


Pam Hutcheson mentioned the 30 day prayer chain for VBS again this year, and if anyone would like to be a part of it she will put you on the sign up list and would like to start on Wednesday. It will be every morning for 30 days.

John Stewart read the second reading for the Children Committee. John Stewart made the motion to add it to the Bylaws. Dorothy Dille asked about having a Children's Committee, and Pastor Marc said we are adding it in. Mitzi Fee asked if she needs to count the kids that come on Sundays nights, Pastor Marc said yes take a count. Voted and passed to add the Children's Committee  to the Bylaws.

John Stewart read the second reading for the Awana Committee, article 5.1.6 for the standing committees. John Stewart made the motion to add the Awana Committee. Voted and passed.

Pastor Marc said we sold bus #3 to Frank that owns Papa Chubbies for $500.

Dorothy Dille would like to have a pig roast for an Awana Kick Off or at the Yearly Hayride.


Glen Dille will check on a price and report back at the next meeting.

Shawna Ketcham asked about the new pew bibles, and Pastor Marc said they are in the pews.


Shawna Ketcham asked if we sold the Shack yet, and Pastor Marc said not yet.

Carol Firestone said she has the paint sprayer at her house. Jim Clary said he will talk to Gerrit Rockely, the trustees will do the painting on the shack.

Floy Beard asked about the qualifications of the Deacons, John Stewart read 1 Timothy 3:8-13 for the Deacons, we open it every May, its every 3 yrs. and all 3 Deacons are up for Nomination next yr.

Pam Hutcheson gave the church some phones.

Dorothy Dille mentioned the flag if it had been replaced, Pastor Marc said Dawn Vincent gave a new flag to the church.

Karen Moore made the motion to adjourn, seconded by June Hackathorn.

Christy Fahrer

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