Business Minutes Nov 2014

Business Minutes for November 9, 2014

There were 19 members present

We started off with 2 songs, and read Hebrew 12:28 and stated what we are thankful for.
Pastor Marc opened us in prayer.

June Hackathorn made a motion to accept the minutes and treasurer’s report, seconded by Carol Firestone. Pam Hutcheson mentioned in the treasurer’s report, 34,322.64 was the total amount. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Budget & Finance: nothing to report, Pam Hutcheson.

Nominating: no position need filled, Karen Moore.

Fellowship: Oct 4th, the church went to Main Street Music Hall for church appreciation.
The yearly hayride was Oct 5th but it was cancelled for this year.
Fellowship dinner was Oct 19th after morning worship.
On Oct 31st we had a Trunk-or-Treat in the church parking lot, it was a great success,
Karen Moore.

Constitution & Bylaws: had no business and did not meet in October, John Stewart.

Deacon: the deacons met for 4 Sunday morning prayers and had a regular Deacon's meeting in October. We also met on 4 Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time, John Stewart.

Baptism: nothing to report, Bradley Davis.

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, total of 8 kids, average of 2 kids each Sunday, Hazel Stewart.

Kitchen: no report, Doug Riggs.

Sunday School: 315 Enrolled: Average 79, 10 Visitors: Average 3, 193 Members: Average 48, 203 Total     Attending: Average 51, Carol Firestone.

Floral: changed the flowers in the sanctuary and Floy Beard sent 9 cards, Carol Firestone.

Historian: have lastest album at home, and am updating, Carol Firestone.

Audio: no report, Dennis Firestone.

Telephone: there were 11 calls, Dyan Dunsworth.

Music: we didn't have the opportunity to practice, we had one special Pastor Marc sang, Jeff Chorpening.

Youth: no report, Gerrit Rockley.

Media: the following was sent to the Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today,  Westside Star, Bott Radio, Ks95, Spirit FM, West Lake Chamber, on Oct 9th.  First Baptist Church of Laurie Awana Club Chicken noodle dinner on Fri. Oct 17th.
The following was sent to  the Lake Sun Leader, Leader Statesman, The Lake Today, Westside  Star, Bott Radio, Ks95, Spirit FM, West Lake Chamber, on Oct. 23rd.  First Baptist Church of   Laurie Trunk or Treat on Oct 31st.  Michele Chorpening

Awana: 10/1 Kids 95, Adults 27, Total Attendance 122
10/8 Kids 93, Adults 32, Parents 10, Total Attendance 135
10/15 Kids 97, Adults 32, Total Attendance 133
10/22 Kids 78, Adults 33, Total Attendance 111
10/29 Kids 98, Adults 33, Total Attendance 131,  Michele Chorpening

Evangelism & Missions: no report, Dorothy Dille.

Trustee: Hung Christmas lights on the church and shack, and fixed gap in the front of the church,
Jim Clary.

Visitation: no report, Dorothy Dille.

Usher: total for the month of Oct 292 members, 5 Visitors, Average of 73 members a week, and 1 visitor a week, Jay Cardenas.

Old Business:

Pastor Marc asked to prayer about VBS and the shack. Dyan Dunsworth made a motion to go forward with VBS, seconded by Karen Moore, its important spiritually to plant the seeds into these kids. Annette Knapp said there has been people from 5 churches that has come to help with VBS, that may not help next year. Pam Hutcheson asked what Curriculum, Annette Knapp said Group. Karen Moore asked if we used the old curriculum, Annette Knapp said we give them away to someone else, we don't have them anymore. Annette Knapp said June 21st-26th is the date for VBS. Everyone gave several the pro's and con's on VBS. Voted and passed.

Pastor Marc mentioned the shack that we need to paint and find a buyer for it. Jim Clary talked to Susan Huff and a double and a small shack like ours is also for sale. Karen asked if we could advertise it, John Stewart said word of mouth is best.

Pastor Marc mentioned the 15 passenger van. John Stewart said he has been on the website but nothing at the moment, been older ones.

Pastor Marc mentioned the steeple, April Choate said Nick Choate had looked it, Pastor Marc asked if we know if we know what the steeple will cost to repair, and John Stewart said no.

Pastor Marc asked what we had made so far for the pew bibles, and Pam Hutcheson said $160 at this moment.

Pastor Marc asked if we want to take over for the older couple at the Hill Billy Fair for the prayer booth ministry, Carol Firestone said that the people who are not able to do the shack could do the prayer booth. Jim Clary asked if we want to rent it out, and Pastor Marc asked what would we rent it out for. June Hackathorn said charge for what it is to open up the shack. Carol Firestone said the $130, Karen Moore said we would have to have the amount we make at the shack. Pastor Marc said $40 for a space with electric. Pam Hutcheson said we could consider renting it. and the liability would be worth it. The shacks are not making it, due to the economy. Jeff Chorpening said its costly to replace the items, and a red flag to, the City of Laurie and Susan Huff need to renegotiate the prices. Bradley Davis said we could ask the person to rent it only if they would be interested in buying it.

Carol Firestone wanted to mention the Thanksgiving items needed ahead of time for the Senior Center, because we always have a hard time getting the items.

New Business:

Dyan Dunsworth read a Thank You card received from Marietta from the convention center at Tan Tara, thanking the ones that went to be greeters.

Pastor Marc said we would like to make Thanksgiving baskets for the anyone who is in need, we normally do about 5 baskets. April Choate said WMU is in charge of the baskets.

Pastor Marc read a letter from Debbie Doyle to transfer her membership. John Stewart made the motion to make the move, June Hackathorn seconded it. Voted on and passed.

Carol Firestone said Saturday November 22nd, 9:00 am we are going to decorate the church.
Pastor Marc mentioned November 16th, & 23rd both on Sunday Evenings to be dismissed. June Hackathorn made the motion, seconded by Shawna Ketcham. Voted and passed.

Pastor Marc mentioned November 16th is the fellowship dinner. Also our turn at the Knolls, and Jeff Chorpening is leading it this time.

Pastor Marc asked Christy Fahrer to do 2 murals of the Manger and a Nativity scene, and Bradley Davis could do the lights for it. The Nativity placed on the sign by the buses, and the other one on the sign by O rd coming out of the park. John Stewart said the cord would be run for a whole month. Pastor Marc said or we could move the cord around to be out of the way.

June Hackathorn made a motion to adjourn, and seconded by Dyan Dunsworth.

John Stewart closed us in prayer.

Christy Fahrer

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