Business minutes Oct 2014

Business Minutes for October 12, 2014

There were 22 members present.
John Stewart opened us in prayer.
Carol Firestone made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Floy Beard, voted and passed.
Cheryl Jones made a motion to accept the treasures report, seconded by Dyan Dunsworth, voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Budget & Finance: no report, Pam Hutcheson

Nominating: all positions are filled, Karen Moore

Fellowship: Sept 6 had a movie night watched God's not Dead.
  Sept 20 had a father daughter dance, there were 15 in attendance, had a great time.
  Sept 21 had fellowship dinner. Karen Moore

Constitution & Bylaws: the committee had no business and did not meet in September, John Stewart

Deacons: the deacons met for 4 Sunday morning prayers and had a regular deacon's meeting in September. We also met on 4Tuesday mornings for share and prayer time. John Stewart

Baptism: there were none for the month of September, Bradley & Lacy Davis

Nursery: there were 4 Sundays, total of 8 kids, average of 2 kids each Sunday, Hazel Stewart

Kitchen: made 2 trips to Sam's Club for supplies, keeping the kitchen under budget, Doug Riggs

Sunday School: 312 enrolled, 7 visitors, 236 members. Carol Firestone

Floral: no activity, Carol Firestone

Historian: no activity, Carol Firestone

Audio: needing help in sound room, Dennis Firestone

Telephone: 4 Calls for September, Dyan Dunsworth

Music: we had 4 Sundays services, no specials other than Walter Plant played during the September 14th service, we practiced when able and ask for prayers, we only wish to praise The Lord in all
  that we do, Jeff Chorpening

Youth: we have started a Sunday evening youth gathering, Gerrit & Tangelina Rockley

Media: no activity, Michele Chorpening

Awana: 9/3 kids 76, adults 31, total attendance 101,
  9/10 kids 86, adults 34, total attendance 120,
  9/17 kids 84, adults 31, total attendance 115,
  9/24 kids 87, adults 33, total attendance 120,  Michele Chorpening

Evangelism & Missions: on August 24th, 2014 First Baptist of Laurie sent Pastor and the team of 15 to Poydras Louisiana, our goal were to share Christ through VBS, door to door witnessing, doing a survey of the area to discover spiritual needs and work on a deacons house, all the goals were met and we have been invited to return in 2015, there has been discussion on returning and doing some more work on homes and cleanup of damage from hurricane Katrina and there is still a lot of work to do in that area, this is a very non-Christian area so there is a huge need for witnessing and praying, at this time we are thinking of going around the first week of June 2015, more discussion and planning will be done at our next missions meeting, Dorothy Dille

Visitation: Pastor Marc and Annette Knapp have been doing some visitation and helping our church family with means we have had, our thanks and gratitude are sincerely sent to them, as a church we need to help and this out reach of our church, we will discuss more on this later, as chairman of the visitation team I have dropped the ball here but I am ready and willing to pick it up and start again, if you have any desire to help visiting our members and people who have come to worship with us for the first time please contact me, mondays are usually the day we set aside for this but you can go at your own convenience, Dorothy Dille

Old Business:
Floy Beard visited Ap Dwyer is moved to Memory Ln. and is very confused, and asked for everyone to go and visit her.

Annette Knapp mentions that Robin Snyder wanted to ask to  fund her $100 of the church's money to use for the trunk or treat.
Annette Knapp made the motion to use the church's money, seconded by Dorothy Dille. Everyone voted except for one.

The Main Street Music Hall is $15 a person, December 14th, need to let them know a couple of weeks ahead of time, talk to Annette Knapp who ever is going.

Pastor Marc mentions if we want to do VBS this year, this curriculum is a little cheaper, does anyone not want to do it, and is everyone burnt out, or do we want to just do Awanas.
Dyan Dunsworth mentions that there was only a few church's that did VBS last year.  Floy Beard asked if we reuse the tee-shirts, Annette Knapp said yes we do.
Jennifer Delp asked if the parents can pay for the tee-shirts so the kids can keep them. Annette Knapp said that the parents won't pay for them.
Travis Delp asked if its a volunteer or budget. Annette Knapp said its the help.
Bradley Davis asked about a different date to make it easier. Annette knapp said with school getting out, vacations and ball games, and then starting school.
Pastor Marc said everyone needs to take the time to pray about it.

Jeff Chorpening asks what we want to do with the shack. I think that we should sell the shack. Hazel Stewart, Bradley Davis, and if we could utilize it until it sells.
Pastor Marc said we were a lot more affective with a tent. Karen Moore made a motion to sell the shack, seconded by Jeff Chorpening.
Carol Firestone said we need to paint it before we sell it, Pastor Marc said we could just give them the paint. Pastor Marc said we paid $4000 for it, we bought a frig and a warmer, and sell it as it is. Karen Moore wants to amend and sell the shack for $5000, seconded by Jeff Chorpening. Floy Beard asked if we could take down the sign that Ap Dawyer and her husband made thats in the shack.
John Stewart said that the board of trustees are going to have to sign the papers on it, and ask Susan Huff if she could sell it. Voted and passed.

Jeff Chorpening mentions that bus #3 is in need of repair, its at Clark Tire right now. We can start a fund for a 15 passenger van. The bus we have now is a danger factor, his guys said its probably worth $600 now as it is. Bus #7 is in good shape. Jeff Chorpening made a motion to not put any more money in it, seconded by Jenny Riggs. Carol Firestone asked if it is worth it to keep it for parts, everyone said no, voted and passed.

John Stewart asked what the amount would be that the church could afford for a 15 passenger van, they are selling between $4200 and $4500, they were used for shuttle services, you have to get registered to bid on it, Pastor Marc said we didn't give an amount, do we want one. Gerrit Rockley said they can have high mileage on them with no problem.Dorothy Dille made the motion to  have a limit up to $6000 for a van, seconded by Jenny Riggs. Pastor Marc told John to get with the trustees. Annette Knapp asked if we want to do a fund raiser for the bus, Pastor Marc said maybe if the shack sells that could pay for the van.

Carol Firestone said the christmas lights have to be put up before Thanksgiving, the trustees need to take care of it.
Trustees report that the polls were wrapped in the front, the electrical was done.

Travis Delp asked about the steeple, John Stewart said Nick Choate looked at it with the Co-Mo truck bucket and said the fiber glass is in need of maintenance, needs to be taken off and repaired.

Pastor Marc said he was checking into the pew bibles, about $400 will be the cost, and we need to decide what translation we want, about sponsoring one.Karen Moore said we should get the translation that you preach from.Dyan Dunsworth said we should have a sign up sheet for sponsoring a pew bible.

Pastor Marc said the Missouri Convention is October 27th & 29th at Tan Tara, they need greeters, Karen Moore said she could in the evenings, Richard & June Hackathorn said they could do evenings too. Dyan Dunsworth said she could do afternoon, Michele Chorpening, and Dorothy & Glenn Dille wouldlike to help too.

Pastor Marc said that the older couple from the Hill Billy Fair asked if we would like to take over the prayer booth from morning to evening. Karen said if the shack doesn't sell it will take away volunteers.

Pastor Marc said with the chicken noodle dinner on Friday, that is a fund raiser, the barn dance is Saturday, that the fellowship dinner is Sunday, we need the fellowship.

John Stewart made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Richard Hackathorn.

Christy Fahrer

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