Business minutes Sept 2014

Business Meeting Minutes for September 14, 2014

There were 16 members present.
Pastor Marc read from 1 John 5:11, and open us in prayer.
Cheryl Jones made a motion to accept the minutes as written and treasures report, seconded by Carol Firestone. Voted and passed.

Committee Reports:

Deacons: the deacons held 3 Tuesday morning prayer meetings, 5 Sunday morning prayers, and did not have a regular deacon meeting in the month of August.
John Stewart
Constitution & By-laws: no activity.    John Stewart
Sunday School: 5 weeks and Sunday, 415 enrolled, 30 visitors, 243 members, 273 total attending.    Carol Firestone
Floral: changed sanctuary flowers and Floy Beard sent out 8 cards.    Carol Firestone
Historian: no activity.    Carol Firestone
Media: no activity.    Michele Chorpening
Awana: no Awana in August.    Michele Chorpening
Nursery: there were 5 Sundays, 10 kids total, average of 2 kids each Sunday.  Hazel Stewart
Music: we practiced when we can and do our best to honor the Lord every Sunday, and all we say and do.    Jeff Chorpening
Fellowship: no report.    Karen Moore
Visitation: no report.    Dorothy Dille
Missions: no report.    Dorothy Dille
Annette Knapp mentions we went on a mission trip to Louisiana.
April Choate said WMU put $118 towards a Ruben L. South, and we need a leader for WMU.
Telephone: no report.  Dyan Dunsworth
Usher: no report.    Jay Cardenas
Baptism: no report.    Bradley Davis
Pastor Marc said we had one in August which was Brenda Avent.
Audio: no report.    Dennis Firestone
Kitchen: no report.    Doug Riggs
Youth: nothing to report.    Garrit Rockley

Old Business:

Pam Hutcheson said that the hillbilly shack on Saturday was a good day, Friday wasn't  do to the weather. We had 12 or 13 pizzas left and ran out of hamburger meat for the tacos. We handed out a lot of the life books. The income was $965.15, 2 Day does not include expenses, with both events the shootout in the fair, we pretty much broke even. Pam Hutcheson and Carol Firestone are resigning from the shack. We need for someone to pray about and step up and take over the shack, a combined team because it takes more than one person. Pastor Marc ask if the $706 was the cost for that 100 pizzas. Pam Hutcheson said the $ 706 is a deposit from the shootout, $406 was to take out for change for cash at the fair and deposited back into the bank. We made a couple hundred dollars.

New Business:

Pastor Marc we need to pray and think about if we want to proceed with the shack. Pam Hutcheson said it's $175 for the best pest-control. Pastor Marc said about opinions, Jeff Chorpening asked if it's making money. Pastor Marc said that we have the shack to have presence, not about money. We have had it for about 3 yrs. and we made a few $100 each time. Cheryl Jones we have have less community involvement then we used to. Pastor Marc  said it's not family friendly anymore, talk to the mayor on some thoughts, and it will get better within the city. Scott Fahrer said he would talk to Susan Huff about getting the two of the functions back, the PT's in the Firemans tug-of-war, it drew the crowds in. Pastor Marc asking opinions on the shack if we should keep it. April Choate asked if it was making us money, and are we spending out of pocket. Pastor Marc said we are breaking even. We made enough money to pay for what we bought. April Church said long as we are
 not losing money, we should keep our presence there. Pastor Marc said for $40 to rent a space with electric or $35 without or $430 for our presents but at the shack. There would be no more stress of ordering supplies and food. Pastor Marc said there is a fee of $135 every time we open it. Scott Fahrer mentions West Lake Christian Church was really effective witnessing and they had a tent. Pastor Marc that's what we used to do. Floy Beard through the years of what has been the witnessing out reach. Pastor Marc when you are working in the shack you don't get too much of a chance to do much witnessing, but meeting people at the window in the shack. The lady from West Lake Christian Church remembers when we did the water bottles. We bought 2200 of them and gave away everyone of them. But it's becoming more of a job and work and we have to beg to fill positions. Gerrit Rockley it seems high for just a day or two. Carol Firestone it gets worse every year to
 get people to help.  Scott Fahrer asked what we would get out of it if we sold it. Pastor Marc $5000 and that's with everything included.  Scott Fahrer said that it would pay for the next 15 years for a $40 rental space. Floy Beard commented that there is a space still for sale for a few years now. Jeff Chorpening said they wanted around $25,000 for everything. Nick Choate said we need our presence there. Jeff Chorpening says the expense and the stress he would like to take the money and take care of the church first. Annette Knapp says there are people looking forward to the walking tacos every year. Carol Firestone at Christmas time we got to put up the lights in take down the lights. JoAnne Ledford if we rent a booth is there any say-so on what we can do with it. Pastor Marc says yes, and if we table it till next year we have to open it up and still sell pizza, and at least once a year.
Pastor Marc says there is a Missouri Baptist convention at Tan Tara this year. I would like to give someone an opportunity to go. October 27 to the Monday evening through Wednesday afternoon. If anyone wants to go see Pastor Marc.
Pastor Marc and Dyan Dunsworth been checking into pew Bibles because they are getting old and are in rough shape. We found them for either $5 or $12 and we need 40 of them. We need to decide on what translation, and If we do side to replace them we don't need to vote on them right now. Annette Knapp mention that there has been people that would donate to help pay for the Bibles, and maybe we can do that again. Then we won't have to take the money out of the church checkbook.
Pastor Marc asked if we wanted to do the trunk or treat this year. There are not too many people that focus on the positive side of Halloween as we do. Scott Fahrer said we have a lot of kids from a Awana that come. Annette Knapp said we need someone to organize it. Everyone agreed to go forward with the trunk or treat.
Pastor Marc said with our mission trip to Louisiana this year, praying about spending a week again next year, so pray about it if you would like to attend next year's mission trip. Scheduling for the first week in June, before VBS and Church camp, so we will have everything done before  Awana starts. I talk to the pastor down there and we will stay at the same church free of charge.  This time we will minister to the homeless and give water bottles to the people in the tents, and help with the food kitchens, or could help with the disabled with yardwork or housework. Go to the French quarters during the daytime and do evangelizing. In the church will be our base, we will work from the morning till noon or little later and tour in the evening. Annette Knapp  said when we go down there, it shouldn't affect with the kids, we are going to do things differently this time.
Annette Knapp wanted to see if we could put on the church calendar June 22nd through the 26th for VBS, because the 21st on the kick off would be Father's Day, or we can do the 15th through the 19th and bypass Father's Day. We are going to do a different curriculum, it's called Group instead of Life Way. We decided to do June 22nd through the 26th for VBS. Cheryl Jones ask about the date for church camp. Annette Knapp said July 20th through the 24th.
Pastor Marc said Floy Beard brought up a few months ago about the cooperative program, we give 4% to the program and it gives a certain amount to the children's home, so there are some ways we could trim the expenses from our budget. Since we give the cooperative program we don't need to send additional amount right now to the children's home, since the children's home already receives an amount from the program. We have given 3% to the children's home. Floy Beard said just by eliminating the separate gift to the children's home we could increase 1% to the cooperative program. Pastor Marc said we could do that if we want .
Garrit Rockley said the trustees were walking around the church and see we have units that need replaced. I know it's not in our budget but if we would replace one at a time. Scott Fahrer said that he had talked to a guy and he has a two-year-old heat pump with an electric air handler that was given. Lyle Jones do we only had the one gas unit, what does it cost us. Pastor Marc says it doesn't cost us right now, but it would  cost us a huge amount if we converted it. Gerrit Rockley said the last two months was $32 and it's going to go up due to the weather coming. Jeff Chorpening said there is a surcharge for it.
Jeff Chorpening asked if we could give the 3% to the deacons fund. So that there could be an opportunity to use it to help someone locally. If the church needs the money then the church can take that out of the deacons fund. It's hard for the deacons to use $100 a month. Winter is coming and we could help someone with a fuel bill or something else. Pastor Marc said when we send that money to the cooperative programs that gets divided, half goes to missions, the other half gets split, goes to missions in Missouri as well as the six entities and all the overhead. They received 2% from the Missouri Baptist Convention, we are SBC and in NBC supporters. Pastor Marc asked if we wanted to do away with the 3%. Either way we won't save, but the money will be used locally. In my office we decided we were $11,000 short, but not everything came do yet. Pam Hutcheson said as of August total undesignated funds was $8180 that goes to pay bills, The expenses was a total
 of $14,166. Pastor Marc said tithes have been short $600, $1100, $1600, $2700 a week at a time. Pam Hutcheson said we had additional expense this month that we don't normally have, $1500 for the Awana bill that we normally don't have every month, in the expenses for the shack thats once a year. Pastor Marc said we had to fill the baptistery twice. Scott Fahrer likes to drive the bus but it's a huge expense on gas. Pastor Marc said we have trimmed the budget as much as we can. It's a giving problem not a spending problem. We could cut the pastors salary to part time or we can eliminate the secretary or janitors job. But the pastor and his family would not make it on a part-time job. Pam Hutcheson said we have two checking accounts savings accounts with $2775.92 and it has accumulated interest or $2700 more that in the saving that we transferred from Bank of Versailles, making a total of $5483 that we can transfer in the general fun to get a account up
 again.  But we need to vote to transfer the money first. Jeff Chorpening said we could leave the 3% in the general fund just to have it in there if someone is in need. Pastor Marc we can keep it in a non-expenditure for a while. Carol Firestone made a motion to temporarily remove the 3% to the children's home, seconded by Jeff Chorpening. Voted and passed.
Pastor Marc said do we need to cut anything else out, to get rid of a full-time pastor, secretary or janitor. Everyone said no. Flory Beard has enjoyed Dyan Dunsworth doing the prayer chain, she is doing a great job. Carol Firestone said hopefully the tithing will increase. With people designating and giving to the shoeboxes in the missionaries. Pastor Marc said with giving the money towards these things we won't see additional amount of money. I do not want to see any of these things removed, because is a huge part of our church. Jeff Chorpening said we have to look at the total amount at the bottom the church has $35,000 in the bank with designated, savings and interest. Pastor Marc said we don't need to transfer money because it's not all do. We received $2700 the first week in almost $3000 last week. Scott Fahrer said we need about $2800 a week, to meet our budget.
Floy Beard asked if Walter Plant was a certain amount or just offering. Pastor Marc said it wasn't a certain amount we took up an offering. Everyone was very generous.
Hazel Stewart made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Scott Fahrer.
Pastor Marc closed in prayer.

Christy Fahrer

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